Central and South America Chile

Chile – Top 12 Must-See Tourist Attractions

. . Chile has long been overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbors — Brazil and Argentina — when it comes to tourist attractions. However, with recent developments in the tourism infrastructure, there has been newfound interest in this Latin American nation. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes range of mountains, Chile is blessed with ...
egypt pyramids
Africa Egypt

Dazzling Dozen — 12 Timeless Wonders Of Egypt

Saqqara is one of the lesser-known destinations in Egypt but certainly deserves a place in our list of attractions. It is located hardly 30 km south of downtown Cairo, across the river from the Helwan University. Saqqara, presently covering an area of around 10 sq km, served as a necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital Memphis.
Africa Morocco

Top 10 Attractions & Activities – Morocco

Morocco, located on the north western tip of the African continent, is one of the most popular tourist attractions with a footfall of over 10 million visitors annually. The country has a vast array of attractions and activities to offer — from historic architecture to stunning beaches and from desert safaris to colorful markets. The welcoming ...
malaysia guide
Asia Malaysia

Malaysia – Melting Pot Of Asia

  Malaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is separated by the South China Sea into two similarly sized areas – Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. The history of Malaysia begins back in the time of local kingdoms, some of them formed after separating from China and some others from India. In the 18th ...
Te Puia
Australia and Oceania New Zealand

Must Do Things in New Zealand

In this blog, we make a list of 9 such activities which will allow to explore and enjoy the 'country of the long white cloud'.   Visiting Milford Sound Milford Sound is a fjord that is located south west of the South Island of New Zealand and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in ...
Asia Singapore

Top 10 Attractions & Activities – Singapore

Singapore is not only a financial hub of Asia — it is also one of the very popular tourist attractions of the region. Although this city-state may not be very large in size, many of its flamboyant and futuristic landmarks have made it a hot spot for visitors. From stunning architecture to beautifully landscaped parks, the city ...
carribean beach
Best Beaches Carribean

Ranking the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean

Dotted with world-class hotels and immense scenery, Turks and Caicos stretches out to spacious beaches with clear peaceful waters that are ideal destinations for high-life vacationers. It is home to the beach dubbed the best in the world – Grace Bay. Enjoy up to 139 activities at this adorable tour destination. Saint Barthelemy . Also known as ...
europe beach
Best Beaches Europe

The 25 Top rated Beaches in Europe

From the beautifully spread white sands in Spain and Greece to divine topographical attractions in Italy and the UK, Europe is home to some of the best seaside attractions with the vast range of activities for vacationers. Ranking 25 of the best beaches of Europe was done using the quantity and quality of the ratings by the travelers ...