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Dale Sharpe Romantically Proposed His Girlfriend Under the Aurora

Dale Sharpe is a photographer who proposed to his girlfriend under the beautiful northern lights. It feels like a romantic scene in a movie come to life.  The idea of proposing his girlfriend under the aurora came to him five years ago. He hadn’t heard or seen anyone do it before and he wanted to do it. The reason he chose the Arctic Circle is because it’s a special place for them. They visited it about 30 times.  But it isn’t as easy as it seems. His first plan didn’t work out and he lost the ring. Let’s check out the full story.

When Dale and Karlie, his girlfriend, had a flight from the Faroe Islands to Iceland, their luggage was overweight. 

She threw away their moisturizer bottle. Unfortunately, a $4,000 ring was hidden inside that bottle. That’s how Dale’s first plan was foiled. 

After that, Dale Sharpe saved up money for a new ring and bookeda  work trip through Iceland, Norway, and Finland for two months.

The color of the Aurora was amazing and it was a perfect time to propose to Karlie.

He pretended like he would take a selfie with Karlie, but when everything was ready, he got down on one knee and took out the ring.

Finally, Karlie said yes. Their photos become more stunning and romantic because of the blue and green Aurora.


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