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Cuba – 10 Attractions That You Should Not Miss

Cuba is part of the Caribbean islands. It is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its culture and history. As a tourist strolls through the streets of Havana, the capital city, he or she  can enjoy live music being played by street musicians. A lot of vintage cars can be spotted on ...
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Perfect American Hidden Getaways for Family Bonding

Popular activities at the beach include horseback riding, bicycling, hiking, scuba diving and playing tennis. The area boasts of several caves and coves which you and your family can explore together. Another great attraction of the beach is the pier. The ‘Pismo Pier’, as it is called, is a 12,200 foot pier! It is an ideal ...
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10 Incredible Tourist Attractions in Mexico

The warm crystal clear waters with plenty of colorful marine life make Balandra an ideal spot for scuba diving and swimming. Puerto Balandra has minimal tourist facilities so it is the perfect destination for those who are looking for an unspoiled nature getaway with limited tourist infrastructure..   Mexico City Mexico City — the capital of ...
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Ranking the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean

Cuba - Creme of the Caribbean . Cuba’s architectural ingenuity, the classy vintage Chevy Cadillacs from the 50s and the sandy beaches set Cuba aside from all the Caribbean Countries. Experience the rich Cuban culture including the extraordinary cuisine and the astounding artistry of the Caribbean. Even better Cuba only recently opened its borders to US ...
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The 25 Top rated Beaches in Europe

Another of the beautiful Sardinian beaches located in Ogliastra, this area is perfect for peaceful getaways and will offer a range of fun activities like scuba diving, hiking, camping and snorkeling. Fistral Beach – Newquay, United Kingdom . A pleasant surprise on the list, Fistral Beach is the ultimate home for British surfing thanks to the ...
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Top 10 Public Beaches in Florida

Other popular activities at the beach include deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, volleyball and scuba diving. The beach is also surrounded by plenty of entertainment options. Spread across 7 miles, the beachfront is dotted with lots of small cafes, restaurants and shops.   Venice Beach . Venice Beach. Venice Beach is known for ...
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10 Amazing Famous and Hidden Gems Of Argentina

Ushuaia offers enough opportunities for skiing, hiking, kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving. You can even spot sea lion and penguins in Ushuaia! Those more into the city life can visit the numerous museums and several historically significant buildings and monuments..   The Valley of the Moon The Valley of the Moon, officially a part of the ...