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Cuba – 10 Attractions That You Should Not Miss

Cuba is part of the Caribbean islands. It is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its culture and history. As a tourist strolls through the streets of Havana, the capital city, he or she  can enjoy live music being played by street musicians. A lot of vintage cars can be spotted on ...
Clearwater Beach
Best Beaches Florida United States

Top 10 Public Beaches in Florida

Other popular activities at the beach include deep-sea fishing, wind surfing, boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, volleyball and scuba diving. The beach is also surrounded by plenty of entertainment options. Spread across 7 miles, the beachfront is dotted with lots of small cafes, restaurants and shops.   Venice Beach . Venice Beach. Venice Beach is known for ...
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10 Amazing Famous and Hidden Gems Of Argentina

Ushuaia offers enough opportunities for skiing, hiking, kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving. You can even spot sea lion and penguins in Ushuaia! Those more into the city life can visit the numerous museums and several historically significant buildings and monuments..   The Valley of the Moon The Valley of the Moon, officially a part of the ...
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Top Adventure Vacations Of South America

 The best time to visit the Antarctic region is between December and March — the summer months in the southern hemisphere.   Scuba dive at Malpelo Island, Colombia . Malpelo Island. Malpelo Island is sometimes referred to as the Mt. Everest of sharks. This is because it is packed with these creatures. There are also many ...
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8 Best Destinations in Malaysia

People can do scuba diving, snorkeling, and jungle trekking. Perhentian Island consists of two main islands. They are Besar (the bigger) and Kecil (the smaller). Many species of tropical fish live in the amazingly blue sea. To visit these islands you must use a boat service from Kuala Besut jetty.   7. Cameron Highlands, Pahang . Do you ...
Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk Island, Palau
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Top 10 Destinations For Water Sports Activities

Scuba diving or snorkeling at Lake Powell, USA . Sunset at Lake Powell. Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful manmade lakes. Located between Arizona and Utah, it is a very popular tourist destination. Millions of tourists visit the lake every year. Popular activities at the lake include snorkeling, swimming, fishing. Diving and scuba diving ...
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Top 10 Caribbean Diving Sites

Scuba diving is one of the favorite activities on this island. The waters feel very welcoming and the bottom of the sea is reportedly very beautiful. The most popular diving site in Saba is the ‘Tent Reef Wall’. As you dive along the wall, you get to see giant barrel sponges and mollusks clinging from the top.
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Top Aquatic Attractions For The Whole Family

Other popular activities at the beach include sun bathing and scuba diving.   5. Go diving at the Orda Cave, Ural Mountains, Russia . Diving at Orda Cave. Orda Cave is a system of caves stretching for a distance of 3.2 miles. The caves are located underwater, under the Ural Mountains. These caves are the longest ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Miami

Little Havana is a slice of Cuba in the heart of Miami. The neighborhood is located west of downtown Miami and a block east of the Miami International Airport. It is primarily populated by Cuban, Central American, and South American exiles and refugees who made Miami their home. The street culture as well as the socio-cultural ...