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Cuba – 10 Attractions That You Should Not Miss

Cuba is part of the Caribbean islands. It is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its culture and history. As a tourist strolls through the streets of Havana, the capital city, he or she  can enjoy live music being played by street musicians. A lot of vintage cars can be spotted on ...
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19 Exclusive photos of the Billionaires’ Invite-Only Kohanaiki Vacation Club in Hawaii

The guests are taken on exciting adventures like surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and even hiking alongside Kohanaiki’s elite A-Team. The range of fun-filled activities with the best trained company around will delight you. The equipment available is furthermore only the very best and well worth the status of the lavish beachside. Rapidly increasing Kohanaiki home-owners .
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Photos of Feminine Beauty from Around the Globe

Cuba's beautiful Elianis of Havana. The portraits had to come out pure, pristine and most importantly honest. So much so you can actually read the hearts of the women featured, through their eyes. Beauty in diversity . Culturally dressed North Korean Beauty. This was and still is Noroc’s motto. She observes that the differences in all ...
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Israel – Top 10 Tourist Sites

Here you can try diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The coral reefs and colorful marine life are an added bonus. You can go swimming with the dolphins. Eilat also offers one of the most vibrant nightlife in Israel.   5. Bahai Gardens . Bahai Gardens. Located in Haifa, this is certainly one of the most beautiful ...
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Top 10 Scenic Islands of Africa

Bazaruto is also a scuba diving, water skiing, and wake boarding destination. You can also do some deep sea fishing or go in search of whales and turtles. In addition, there is also the ‘Anantara Spa’ where you can indulge in some relaxing massages.
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Island Destinations In The World

Agatti Island is a good place for water sports like snorkeling, diving , and scuba diving. There are also rides available on glass bottomed boats to watch the marine life below. If you are adventurous about food, then you can try to taste some shark meat as well!   Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia . Much ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Beautiful Islands Of Asia

The island is known for offering premium snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. Unlike many other islands, you can actually camp here and go for jungle trekking. For those who can afford it, there are plenty of luxury resorts. The two best things about Havelock Island are the fresh seafood and fresh, creamy coconut milk.   Langkawi ...