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 The best time to visit the Antarctic region is between December and March — the summer months in the southern hemisphere.   Scuba dive at Malpelo Island, Colombia . Malpelo Island. Malpelo Island is sometimes referred to as the Mt. Everest of sharks. This is because it is packed with these creatures. There are also many ...
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Experience shark encounters at Malpelo Island – Colombia . Malpelo Island. Malpelo is the place to go to if you like un-crowded destinations. Often compared to the Galapagos Islands, Malpelo is renowned for its rich marine life. Malpelo is home to a 300-kilometer long volcanic underwater ridge. This is what attracts so much of marine life, ...
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Some of the popular spots include the ‘Punta Tunich’, ‘Palancar Reef', and the ‘Colombia Wall’. There is a good mix of both easy and difficult dives at the site. There are also many challenging dives for experienced divers.   Swim along with whale sharks at Utila, Honduras . Swimming along with whale shark at Utila. Utila ...
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The beaches are simply referred to as first, second, third and fourth! The 2nd one is the favorite with both the locals and visiting tourists.   San Andres, Colombia . San Andres Island. San Andres is an island located on the Caribbean Sea. It is situated 800 kilometers from the coast of Colombia. The island is ...
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28 Structures That Epitomize Man’s Architectural Genius

Architectural artistry is one of the most expansive demonstrations of man’s unending ingenuity. Man has expressed himself through design and construction since the Stone Age. In this piece we attempt to run you through the top 28 structures all around the world that stretch the very boundaries of structural manifestation. From the ageless beauty that is La Sagrada ...
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British Columbia to Alberta You can start your trip from Victoria, British Colombia and head to Alberta. Try to take a few days' detour to explore Tofino, the surf capital of Canada. If you're a surfer, you'll love this place so much. After exploring Tofino, head to Vancouver to enjoy the delicious food in the mainland.
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And as you try out different items, don’t forget to taste El Sabor de Mi Tierra, a unique cuisine from Colombia. The intense and complex flavor will sweep you off your feet.   Sakura . Sakura. Sakura means "cherry blossom" in Japanese. Keeping with the spirit of its name, this eatery will transport you right to ...