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Before and After Climate Changes in Arctic Glaciers

Christian Aslund is a Swedish photojournalist who works with Greenpeace. He made a photo series and used it  to promote #MyClimateAction. It’s a campaign from National Geographic to encourage discussion about climate changes. It’s also as a protest against Norwegian oil companies drilling in the melting Arctic.

The photo series show us some early photos of glaciers in Svalbard, Norway from Norwegian Polar Institute,  compared with Aslund’s photos in the same location from 2002. It makes us realize how badly the climate has changed over a hundred years.

Scientists believe that the ice is changing because the Earth is getting warmer.

In addition, human activities have influenced and caused climate changes in the Earth.

As the global citizens, we should care more about our environment. Therefore we can prevent natural damage and reduce the impact of climate changes.


Source: Bored Panda, Christian Aslund, Norwegian Polar Institute, National Geographic

Originally posted 2017-04-24 06:58:09.

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