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The Quick and Easy Way to Choose Your First Cruise

There are hundreds of ships with many cruise lines from Alaska to Zanzibar. Indeed, it can make you overwhelmed, especially when it’s your first time sailing. If you choose a wrong cruise line that doesn’t suit your expectations, probably you won’t cruise again. That’s why your choice is important. You must be curious about how to choose a cruise for the first time, right? Don’t worry, this article will help you to choose the cruise!

1.  Decide your destination

The first thing you need to do is decide your destination. Ask yourself what kind of vacation you really want, because every cruise lines have their own departure port, the length of trip, and itineraries. You can visit the website of some cruises to get all the information about their lines. For example, head to royalcaribbean.com for sailing with Royal Caribbean cruise. There are many offers you can choose. The cruise line is important for the first time. If you aren’t sure enough about your choice, you better go to travel agent and consult what you want and what you need so they can find the perfect cruise line for you. In addition, they will help you to book the cruise and arrange the trip.


2. Choose the best time

Some cruises have their own busy season. Make sure to choose the best time, especially when your budget is restricted. Usually, you will find the best deal when children are in school, so people aren’t doing a family trip. That’s why some cruises will have fewer visitors and offer you the best deal. Many cruise lines also give a special price when you are booking far in advance. Keep this in mind and don’t miss the big promotions!


3. Know the cost

The most crucial thing is the cost. Some people think looking at the daily rate for a stateroom and then simply multiplying that by the number of nights they’ll be at sea is enough to know the total cost. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough because every cruise has its own rate. Some cruises give you an all-inclusive package including the stateroom, daily food, tax, and all facilities in cruise, but another one maybe gives you rate only for staying in the stateroom. So, you better set aside some money for incidentals cost.


4. Size of ship

Besides offering various cruise lines, the lines also offering various sizes and the size is important. It will affect the itineraries, destination, and of course your experience. The smaller ships which can only carry hundreds of people will have different facilities than big ones which can carry thousands of people. People usually choose the smaller ones for nature-oriented cruises because it can dock at smaller ports, but the drawback is that your entertainment and dining options on the ship are more limited. Therefore it depends on what kind of experience you want to get.


5. The cabin

A cruise ship  has many types of staterooms. The expensive ones have their own balcony, personal assistant, big bedroom, or maybe other special facilities. Tips for you: consider your itinerary when deciding the stateroom. If you will sail in Atlantic, then it doesn’t matter to have a balcony in your stateroom because you’ll only see the open ocean for days. But for Alaskan and Mediterranean cruises, you can’t overlook the views. Make sure you book the side of the ship facing land!


6. Be on time

Always be on time because your ship won’t wait for you. Plan to arrive at the starting port at least a day before your ship is scheduled to sail. It will help you if something bad happens with your flight, for example, a canceled or delayed flight. Most of all, cruises also offer interesting tours that can be cheaper if you book it in advance. Always getting as much  information as you can. As a result, you will get the best experience with your first-time cruise.


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