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Chile – Top 12 Must-See Tourist Attractions

Chile has long been overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbors — Brazil and Argentina — when it comes to tourist attractions. However, with recent developments in the tourism infrastructure, there has been newfound interest in this Latin American nation. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes range of mountains, Chile is blessed with a diverse ...
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Top 10 Islands In South America

The locals are friendly, the coconut water delicious, and the sea breezes cool and free-flowing — ideal for a vacation. The island is also home to the UNESCO ‘Seaflower Biosphere Reserve’, which is home to several colorful species of marine life.   Chiloe Island, Chile . Chiloe Island. There is more to Chile than Machu Picchu and ...
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Top Things To Do For Free in Las Vegas

The highlight, of course, is the pack of flamingos bought in from Chile! They usually hang out at the waterfall.   Visit the Bound for some free drinks . Bound. The best bar in Las Vegas is easily found at the Cromwell Hotel. Known as the Bound, it has Salvatore Calabrese as the bartender. He is ...

8 Places Where You Can See Penguins in the Wild

Chile The southern tip of South America is circumpolar, where the lands have similarity with northern climes. There are several places where you can see the penguins in Chile. Magellanic penguin populations flourish near Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn), the Magellan Strait and the nearby islands. They also can be found throughout Tierra de la Fuego, ...
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10 Top Places to See Animals Outside of Zoos

You can get there by cruises which are offered by IAATO and Spirit of Ender or flights from Punta Arenas (Chile), Cape Town (South Africa), and Qantas (Australua). 1. Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Democratic Republic of Congo The Gorilla Tour's take off from Kakamero or Bukima. The location where you can see these endangered animals is in Democratic ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

The Sirena Insolente Hostel, Chile . photo by @wooduh. As an eco-project, this hostel is surrounded by a cactus gardens and various plants that make this hotel feel comfortable. Located just 5km from Pichilemu, you can take a short walk to surf in Punta de Lobos, one of the epic surf spots in Chile. The best ...
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10 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die

This small speck of land located in the South Pacific and occupied by Chile is both captivating and puzzling. Its main features are the “moai,” the huge and gigantic stone human figures that  tickle the curiosity of archaeologists to this day. Aside from marveling at these ancient figures, the waters surrounding this island are also perfect ...