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Toronto Explored – 12 World Famous Attractions in the City

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is home to some of the country’s most beloved landmarks. The sights and sounds of Toronto enlighten and entertain tourists. If you’re planning to visit Toronto, then this guide will help you decide on the places to check out in the city center, the entertainment district, the distillery district, and ...
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25 Cities Viewed From Above

Toronto, Canada .   18. Mexico City, Mexico .   19. São Paulo, Brazil . 20. Lima, Peru .   21. Buenos Aires, Argentina .   22. Jakarta, Indonesia .   23. Rome, Italy .   24. Istanbul, Turkey .   25. Zurich, Switzerland .     Source: Bored Panda, Air Pano ...
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39 Incredible Photos of Places Around the Globe You Must Visit

Luckily for you, you maybe could just head to Alberta and get the rare firsthand views of the Northern Lights themselves. City View of Toronto beside Lake Ontario . Immaculate Toronto Skyline. You could no doubt witness the absolute fairylike city view of the amazing skylines of Toronto standing aside Lake Ontario. Sunset in Los Angeles .
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Canada’s Top 14 Highest Rated Tourist Attractions

A worthy member to the Canada top 14. The CN Tower - Toronto . The CN Tower. Canada has its share of skyscrapers and most iconic is the CN Tower on the shores of Lake Ontario. The tower kisses the same altitudes as the Burj Khalifa and offers fine dining and  beautiful views from up top ...
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Top 10 Biggest Zoos In The World

The Moscow Zoo also carries out breeding of animals which are endangered.   Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Canada . Toronto Zoo. Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada. It is spread over 700 acres and is home to more than 16,000 animals. The animals are divided into various sections like Africa, Indo-Malaya, Tundra Trek, Eurasia, Australasia, ...
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11 Most Frightening Tourist Attractions

While most vacationers would prefer a comfortable luxury ship cruise or a relaxed poolside cocktail, a few others love their voyages just a little spiced up —"Frightening" is the word the rest of us would use. These are  definitely not for the travelers wishing for peaceful stays at peaceful tour locations.They are for adrenaline junkies who will let ...
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All About Canada, a Road Trip Guideline

Toronto and Ottawa, the nation's capital, are two big cities you should visit too. And the top attraction here that is in almost every one's bucket list: Niagara Falls. Yes, it's a must. After enjoying the famous Niagara Falls, heading to French Canada. Don't feel bad if you're lost and can't understand what the locals say.
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16 Photos of the Most Captivating Places in Canada

The North American country also offers a wide array of exhilarating cold weather sports scene and a diverse culture. Whether for permanent residence or just a few vacationing weeks in the Great White North, here are the top panoramas you’ll not wish to miss out on. Toronto City – Ontario . The largest City in Canada, ...