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All About Canada, a Road Trip Guideline

Is Canada on your bucket list? If yes, you’re in the right place. We will help you to plan your trip in Canada, specifically a road trip. We all know that Canada has stunning scenery and some of it is the best in the world. So, there is no reason for you to not visit this amazing country. Christina Guan, a travel blogger, shared some tips and advice about Canada road trip. Her guide will help you to know all the important things for your trip. Check it out!


Canada isn’t a small country. It has plenty of highways and roads. One of them is even  the longest highway in the world, stretching 7500km! I bet not all of us have enough time to explore it all. Not only because of it would take a lot of time, but also you would need to spend a lot of money. That’s why planning the route is important. According to Christina’s recommendation, here are some of the routes you can choose:

1. British Columbia to Alberta

You can start your trip from Victoria, British Colombia and head to Alberta. Try to take a few days’ detour to explore Tofino, the surf capital of Canada. If you’re a surfer, you’ll love this place so much. After exploring Tofino, head to Vancouver to enjoy the delicious food in the mainland.

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Then go to Whistler for the amazing scenery of Sea to Sky Highway, and then to the Okanagan which is famous for its class-A wineries, and the eerie Spotted Lake which has a polka dotted pattern. The one and only desert in Canada also can be found here.

canada road trip

Keep going to the west and welcome to Alberta, a place with some of the most spectacular and photogenic natural wonders in the country. You must take the Icefields Parkway route where you can see the heart of the Rocky Mountains. This place is very popular on Instagram. Just don’t pass out from excitement.

2. The Prairies

The Prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are perfect for you who want to enjoy the quaint Canadian countryside. This route will give you chance to mingle with the friendly locals and see the giant sculpture of Mac the Moose. It’s the largest moose in North America.

3. Ontario and Quebec

Let’s move to the East Coast of Canada: Ontario and Quebec. Ontario has 250,0000+ lakes. You should stop by and swim in one of them. Toronto and Ottawa, the nation’s capital, are two big cities you should visit too. And the top attraction here that is in almost every one’s bucket list: Niagara Falls. Yes, it’s a must.

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After enjoying the famous Niagara Falls, heading to French Canada. Don’t feel bad if you’re lost and can’t understand what the locals say. It is because of the Québecois accent. Even if you speak French, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll understand them. Don’t forget to stop by at the province’s capital (also named Quebec) and visit Montréal to taste poutine. This food is made from crispy French fries topped with hot gravy and squeaky cheese curds.

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4. The Maritimes and Newfoundland

By then you will be nearly at the eastern part of Canada. First, head to the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. You can taste the freshest seafood while enjoying the amazing landscape. The lobsters are great and world-famous.

The last destination: Newfoundland. This is the eastern part of Canada, where you’ll find the fishing villages, the famous Terra Nova National Park, and St John’s (Canada’s oldest city). There are some national parks here but visiting Terra Nova is a must. And yes, here is the end of the Trans-Canada Highway, marked by the Mile One stadium in the heart of the city.

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1. Pick the right season

Winter is a bad time to road trip across the country. The road conditions would be unpredictable,  and you’ll face random closures on certain routes, too. So, the best time to have a road trip is in summer.

2. Make sure you’re legally allowed to drive

Whether you’re Canadian or foreign, a drivers’ license is very important. Make sure you have a valid license, since the legal driving age differs across provinces and territories (check the full list here). For you who aren’t Canadian, you should get an International Driver Permit. Once you carry a valid license, then you should be fine. Have a fun road trip!

3. Secure a vehicle

Buying a car in Canada isn’t easy because it requires a permanent Canadian address. So, you have to be a Canadian citizen or at least living in Canada long-term. Car rental companies and provinces have different minimum age requirements. It will be 21 or 24, but if you’re under 25 years old, expect to pay higher cost for insurance.

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4. Get insured

It is important to have valid car insurance, both for those who have their own car or rent it. Make sure the insurance covers the entirety of your Canadian road trip, because anything can happen during your trip. You should prepare for the worst.

5. Prepare your vehicle

This could be a small thing, but it’s also important. Prepare an emergency car kit (jumper cables, flashlight, batteries, etc.), first aid supplies (band-aids, gauze, antiseptic, etc.), some light snacks, medication, and wet wipes. You can set it up according to the length of the road trip you are going to take.

6. Respect the wildlife

Yes, you have to do this. You may spot a bear, deer, or something else at some point. Don’t disturb them. They are wild animals. Avoid them if you don’t want to lose your arm.

So, how does it sound? It maybe sounds tiring, but the beauty of Canada is waiting to be explored! This road trip is worth trying.


Source: hostelworld, happy to wander

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