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Fascinating Bridges for Animals Around The World

You need to know that in this world, bridges aren’t only made for human, but also for animals. Some animals  migrate in a group to another place. During their migration, a lot of animals can be killed by vehicles, because some highways are built in the middle of a national park or forest. The bridges,also known as ecoducts, help them to cross the roads safely.

It’s good to know many countries are already aware of  this matter and build these bridges to ensure the safety of the wildlife. In the 1950s, the first animals bridges were built in France. Now you can find many bridges around the world that save  thousands  of animals every year. The bridges can be underpass tunnels, amphibian, or green roofs. It depends on the type of animals that will pass through it. The longest one is Natuurbrug Zanderij Crailoo which located in Netherlands. It is over half a mile long. From Australia to Czech Republic, this list will show you some countries that have animals bridges.

1. Christmas Island, Australia

Crab Bridge


2. Japan

Turtle Tunnel


3. New Zealand

Blue Penguin Underpass

4. Canada

Ecoduct in Banff National Park, Canada
A Grizzly Bear Emerging From an Underpass in Banff National Park
Wildlife Passing in Alberta, Canada
Wildlife Overpass in Banff, Alberta


5. Germany

A Green Wildlife Bridge Over An Autobahn in Germany
Ecoduct in Germany


6. Victoria, Australia

A Rope Bridge Over The Hume Freeway in Victoria
Cattle Underpass in Victoria


7. Singapore

Ecoduct in Singapore


8. New England

Salamander Tunnels in New England


9. Kenya

Elephant Underpass in Kenya


10. Netherlands

Bridge for The Animals in North Brabant Province
Ecoduct Duinpoort
Another ecoduct in Netherlands
Ecoduct in Overijssel
Ecoduct ‘Harm Van De Veen’


11. New Jersey

Wildlife Crossing in New Jersey


13. Bahia, Brazil

Bridge for monkeys and other animals to cross over the road in Bahia


14. Keechelus Lake, USA

Wildlife Overpass Near Keechelus Lake


15. Washington

Squirrel Bridge in Washington
Salmon Cannon in Columbia River, Eastern Washington


A Mini Suspension Bridge Runs Above One Of Longview, Washington’s Main Roads


16. Colorado

Ecoduct in Colorado


17. Montana

Animal Bridge in Montana
Land Bridge For Animals in Montana


18. Oslo, Norway

Bee Highway in Oslo


19. California

Davis Toad Tunnel in California
Amphibian Crossing in California


20. Austria

Ecoduct in Austria


21.  Holland

Ecoduct in Holland


22. Belgium

Ecoduct in Belgium


23. Brisbane, Australia

Wildlife Crossing in Brisbane


24. Sonoran Desert

Animal Passing in Sonoran Desert


25. Arizona

Animal Underpass Near Catalina, Arizona


26. Czech Republic

Ecoduct in Prague, Czech Republic

So, which one is your favorite?




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