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What Not To Miss When Visiting Brazil

Brazil is the largest and most visited country in Latin America. It attracts a footfall of over 6 million tourists every year. The country is blessed with diverse natural beauty, rich culture, and vibrant cities. There is a lot more that Brazil has other than football and Carnival, the two things the country is most associated ...
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25 Cities Viewed From Above

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil .   16. Varanasi, India .   17. Toronto, Canada .   18. Mexico City, Mexico .   19. São Paulo, Brazil . 20. Lima, Peru .   21. Buenos Aires, Argentina .   22. Jakarta, Indonesia .   23. Rome, Italy .   24. Istanbul, Turkey .   25. Zurich, Switzerland .
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Chile – Top 12 Must-See Tourist Attractions

Chile has long been overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbors — Brazil and Argentina — when it comes to tourist attractions. However, with recent developments in the tourism infrastructure, there has been newfound interest in this Latin American nation. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes range of mountains, Chile is blessed with a diverse ...
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Top Adventure Vacations Of South America

The best time to visit the Ausangate Hiking Trail is between the months of June and September.   Go paddling at Costa Verde, Brazil . Costa Verde. Costa Verde is a land of contrasts. There are forests as well as calm waters. The island is protected from the Atlantic by the ‘big island’ or the ‘Ilha ...
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Top Diving Sites Of South America

Some other animals which you can see at the Peninsula Valdes include sea lions, Magellanic penguins and elephant seals.   See Jubarte whales at the Abrolhos Marine Park – Brazil . Abrolhos Marine Park. The Abrolhos Marine Park is an archipelago. Located 43 miles off the coast of Brazil, it resembles more of a desert than ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Exciting Dive Sites

However, the best time for visiting is from November to June.   Fernando De Noronha, Brazil . Noronha Turtle. The Fernando De Noronha is a group of 21 islands. Located 220 miles from the coast of Brazil, the islands are exposed to the South Equatorial Current at all times. As a result, the water on the ...