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Northstar California, Truckee
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Best Ski Resorts In California, USA

  1. China Peak Mountain Resort, Huntington Lake
China Peak Mountain Resort

The China Peak Mountain Resort is named after the Chinese Peak. It is located near the picturesque Huntington Lake. This lake is located inside the Sierra National Forest. The China Peak Mountain Resort can be easily visited on a day trip from San Jose. It is comparable to many of the big resorts when it comes to lifts, elevation, terrain and vertical rise. The area receives 300 inches of snow every winter, making for a powdery winter. The resort offers 1200 acres of skiable terrain. Most of it is covered with snowmakers.


  1. Kirkwood Mountain, Kirkwood
Kirkwood Mountain

Kirkwood consists of everything — from chutes and glades to ridges. The resort is built on top a ridge and is covered with 2300 acres of skiable snow. The area receives a massive amount of snowfall every year, sometimes as much as 600 inches. Kirkwood Mountain resort is well known because of its expert and advanced terrains. However, that doesn’t mean that newbies cannot go there. The resort offers plenty of training programs for new and enthusiastic skiers. Anybody can participate in these, regardless of their age or physical ability. Along with skiing skills, as a participant, you can also learn racing skills. Kirkwood Mountain resort is also a favorite destination with hikers and mountain bikers.


  1. Heavenly Mountain Resort, South Lake Tahoe
Heavenly Mountain Resort

The name itself is so inviting that it makes you curious about the place. Just like Northstar, Heavenly Mountain is also located near Lake Tahoe. It is one of the many mountains in the area which are completely free to visit if you are an Epic Pass holder. The Heavenly Mountain Resort is owned by Vail Resorts and receives almost 400 inches of snowfall every year. The skiing conditions are generally fantastic during winter months and quite good during summer. They a have a very robust snowmaking system to compensate for the lack of snow during summer. Skiing at the Heavenly Mountain Resort can be an exceptionally fun activity. The natural beauty surrounding the resort is astounding, to say the least.


  1. Sierra-at-Tahoe, Twin Bridges

Sierra-at-Tahoe is yet another skiing resort located at the Lake Tahoe area. It is smaller in size than the other resorts located in that region. However, don’t let the small size fool you. Sierra-at-Tahoe is a truly great option if you want to be away from the crowds. You can also chose it if you want to practice skiing in complete peace. You get to ski on 2000 acres of snow at almost 2200 feet above sea level. The resort offers exclusive terrains for new and intermediate skiers. If you don’t want to do skiing, then the resort offers options of hiking as well. There are five gates which take you to the Huckleberry Canyon for a memorable hiking experience.


  1. Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Norden
Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

The Sugar Bowl Ski Resort is a small skiing resort. It has 1500 acres of skiable terrain. However, don’t let that stop you from going there. The Sugar Bowl Ski Resort is special because it receives almost 500 inches of snow every year. That is the highest amount of snowfall received by a skiing resort at the Lake Tahoe area. Sugar Bowl Ski Resort offers a perfect family vacation. The resort itself is owned by a family and skiing here feels like a proud tradition. The resort is one of the oldest in USA but provides some of the most modern facilities available. There are thirteen lifts servicing four mountain peaks. It is perfect for both advanced and beginner skiers.


  1. Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is named so because of a reason. Every winter it becomes home to 3500 acres of snow and almost 400 inches of snowfall! The mountain itself is as tall as 3100 feet and is good for skiers of all types. Whether you are a new or experienced skier, Mammoth Mountain won’t disappoint you. Mammoth Mountain was born almost 57 thousand years ago due to several volcanic eruptions. Along with 3500 acres of skiable snow, the mountain is also home to open glades and steep chutes. The surroundings of the mountain are also great for hiking.


  1. Bear Valley Resort, Bear Valley
Bear Valley

Bear Valley is located in between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. It is popular as a great spot for spending vacations with the family. The skiing terrain is meant for all types of skiers, whether new or expert. The crowd is usually small and the sun is warm throughout the year. While the facilities offered aren’t like that of a big resort, Bear Valley is good for spending a typical Californian winter. The resort is known for being an escape to High Sierra. There are also the surrounding mountains, offering magnificent views. Multiple options are available for both intermediate and beginner skiers.


  1. Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is home to a whopping 6000 acres of skiable terrain. There are also 42 lifts for taking you to these areas. The area receives 450 inches of snowfall every year. There are some terrains which are reserved for expert skiers. There are also some terrains which are meant only for the world’s elite. Intermediate and beginner skiers have access to plenty of other terrains. There are a number of hiking routes which will take you to some of the finest hills on earth. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the one of the places to go to if you want to cover some impossible terrains.


  1. Northstar California, Truckee
Northstar California

Northstar is perfect for you if you are fond of relaxed and laid-back vacations. It offers 3000 acres of skiable terrain. Located at the northernmost part of Lake Tahoe, North Star is home to many shops selling high-end products. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars for relaxing. Northstar offers opportunities like tree skiing to advanced skiers. There is also a super pipe extending up to a length of 22 feet. Northstar has been voted many times as the perfect skiing destination for families. The resort is also perfect for children because it offers private lessons on snowboarding, terrain parks, cross-country skiing, and tubing.

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