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Nevada Places To Retire

Best Places To Retire In Nevada

Although Nevada is best known for Las Vegas and the glitz and glamour of the casinos and hotels, the state is also home to many 55+ communities. Contradictory as it may seem, but Nevada is one of the best states to retire in the US. Breathtaking landscapes, affordable housing, low tax rates, opportunities for recreation, and limited natural calamities make the Silver State increasingly popular with the retiring community. Here is a list of the top 10 places to retire and settle in Nevada.


  1. Fallon
Maine Street in downtown Fallon

The city of Fallon is located in the Churchill County, about 62 miles east of Reno. It is a city on the US Highway 50, known as the ‘Loneliest Highway in America’. The city maybe remote, but has all the charm of a small town. Even though its set amid a desert, over 500 square kilometers of  that region have been converted to agriculture land. The crime rate as well as the cost of living in Fallon are lower than the national average. No wonder it is fast becoming a place of choice for the retired.


  1. Gardnerville

The town of Gardnerville is located on the west central border of Nevada, 50 miles south of Reno. The town spans less than 5 square miles and has a population of about 6000 people. The low congestion, clean air, and plenty of nature attractions in close proximity has made Garnerville a popular place with retirees. This small town is listed as a Nevada Historical Marker.


  1. Elko

The small town of Elko is located in northeastern Nevada. The closest major city is Salt Lake City in Utah, 230 miles east. Elko lies on the historic California Trail and is known as the capital of the Nevada gold-mining belt. It has a typical small-town setting with the Ruby Mountains, to its southeast, as its major attraction. The region offers several opportunities for hiking, bird watching, hunting, and camping. Add with this the friendly neighborhood and a lower cost of living than the national average and you have an ideal place for retirement.


  1. Pahrump

Just 60 miles west of Las Vegas and you can have the best of both worlds, the charm of a small town and quick access to a city like Las Vegas. In fact, in spite of its proximity to Las Vegas, Pahrump has a cost of living which is around 8.5% lower than the national average. Houses set in large lots are preferred as those are sold at attractive prices in this neighborhood. For a city which did not have telephone service even in the 1960s, Pahrump, with its 36,000+ population, is surely fast growing as a preferred place to settle down.


  1. Reno

The city of Reno is located on the central western border of the state of Nevada. It is about 130 miles north east of the Californian capital Sacramento. Reno is called ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’ in reference to its wide array of attractions and entertainment offerings. It is almost like a mini Las Vegas with its numerous casinos. Reno is also known for its air shows and car shows. Lake Tahoe is a popular nature escape located a few miles south. The city and its outskirts has featured in numerous movies and music videos for its rugged yet scenic landscape. The scenic setting, numerous recreational opportunities, quick access to big cities, and yet a much lower cost of living have made Reno attractive to the retiring community.


  1. Mesquite

The city of Mesquite is located about 80 miles north east of Las Vegas. It has a very scenic setting in a valley of the Virgin Mountains. The River Virgin winds its way through the southern part of the city. On its southwest is the Mojave Desert. The city, with its laid back ambiance, is a world apart from Las Vegas or Reno. This is what attracts retirees to this city. Mesquite is also renowned for its golf courses. There are at least half a dozen courses with Wolf Creek considered as one of the best in the US.


  1. Carson City
Carson City

Although Las Vegas and Reno take the cake when it comes to popularity, the capital of the state of Nevada is actually this small city of Carson City. It is located on the western border of Nevada, about 30 miles south of Reno. Carson City used to advertise as ‘America’s Smallest Capital’ before the 1950s. Although the city has grown over the decades, it has retained the charm of a small city. Its proximity to the city life of Reno along with the recreational offering of Lake Tahoe means that residents enjoy all the amenities and facilities of a big city while spending everyday life in a much quieter and relaxing ambiance. The thriving art community of Carson City is an added bonus for the local community.


  1. Genoa

The  small town of Genoa is located on the western border of Nevada, 15 miles south of the state capital Carson City, and just 5 miles east of Lake Tahoe. It is the oldest town of the state, founded in 1851. Genoa attracts the retiring community for its old world charm, quiet neighborhoods, and several recreational opportunities like fishing, hiking, bird watching, boating, biking, and playing golf. Genoa covers an area of less than 10 square miles and has a population of around 1000.


  1. Boulder City
Boulder City

Boulder City is located just 25 miles south east of Las Vegas. Strange as it may seem, Boulder City is only one of the 2 cities in Nevada that prohibits gambling! The city is known for its golf courses, public parks, historic downtown, and laid back feel. It grew in prominence because of Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. In fact, if you are driving from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon, Boulder City will be the first city you pass through. In spite of the continuing traffic, Boulder City has been able to keep a low profile, making it ideal for the retiring community.


  1. Henderson
Henderson with the Las Vegas Strip in the background

With the title of ‘One of the Best Cities to live in America’ and one of the top 10 ‘Safest Cities to live in America’, it is no surprise that Henderson is a popular place to retire in Nevada. Add with it its proximity to Las Vegas. In fact, Henderson, located a few miles south west of the Las Vegas Airport, is actually a part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. 65 miles of hiking trails, 54 parks, and 10 golf courses are the prime attractions of this small town. And if you are looking for something more extravagant, it is just a short drive in Las Vegas! How better can you balance high end city life with small town ambiance!


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