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Cappadocia: 20 Magical Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

Cappadocia is one of the best places in the world to see and fly over with hot air balloons. Located in Turkey, this region has a stunning landscape and vast cave monasteries. The local people live in spaces carved in the rock shelters. Due to the eruption of volcanoes, the lava was covering the tuff (soft rock) and shaped many of stone pillars. This place is one of the main destinations for tourists when they are visiting Turkey. You can go here by bus or plane from Istanbul and other cities in Turkey.

These photos will show you how beautiful Cappadocia with its landscape and hot air balloons.

Cappadocia at night.

Hundreds of hot air balloons up in the air. Very beautiful.

The best place to spend your morning.

Let’s pack your bag and explore this beautiful place!


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