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Best Cruise Lines for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Cruise

Baby boomers are people who are done  bringing up their children. Born between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s, they are mostly already retired and have substantial savings for traveling across the world.

Seniors Cruise is a growing trend worldwide

They are looking forward to enjoying their lives along with their close friends and family.

Wine Tasting at Baby Boomer Cruise


Cooking Class on a Baby Boomer Cruise

The generation of baby boomers has their own set of preferences when it comes to choosing a method of travel. Many of them prefer to travel by cruise lines because of the comfort and luxury. Fortunately there are some cruise lines which are especially ideal for baby boomers.


Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruise Ship


Reflection Suite – Celebrity Cruise


Celebrity Cruise

Like the name says, Celebrity Cruises make you feel like a celebrity. They are the perfect choice for baby boomers because they offer many refined activities like wine tasting. Baby boomers often want to enjoy the finer things in life that they didn’t have access to before. Celebrity Cruises was one of the first cruise lines to address these interests and come up with such a program. However, the wine tasting events aren’t the only things which appeal to baby boomers. Celebrity Cruises also boasts jazz evenings. As a guest, you are invited to lounge together with other guests and enjoy the soothing sound of jazz. Another special event is the chocolate buffet, which takes you on an amazing culinary journey.


Holland America Line

Holland America Cruise Ship


Interior of Holland America Cruise Ship


Interior of Holland America Cruise Ship

Holland America Line is well known because of its onshore excursions and on-board entertainment programs. If you want to be entertained by people who are world-class performers, then you don’t need to look beyond Holland America Line. The cruise lines has special facilities for those who are physically challenged or need special assistance. There are special facilities for the deaf, hard-of-hearing and the visually impaired. Modified staterooms are available for people who are partially mobile. Their on-board entertainment offers casinos, movies, live musical performances, blues singers and content from BBC Earth Natural History. Holland America even offers a program specifically meant for solo travelers. This program includes matching solo travelers by gender, primarily so that they can share accommodation together.


Cunard Cruises

Cunard Cruise Line Ship


Cunard Cruise Interior


Cunard – Queen Victoria Interior

Cunard Cruises promise a journey completely free from worry and stress. Their holidays include various activities, entertainment and food options! A cruise with Cunard is more than just a trip. It is an enriching journey that lets you learn more about the world. The ships of the cruise feature guest speakers who are experts in subjects like politics, history, science and film making. Activities offered by Cunard cruises include dance clubs, educational lectures, gym, swimming pools, musical performances and Shakespearean dramas. For the elderly and physically challenged, there is assistance with embarking and disembarking, custom-made accessible on-shore excursions, and accessible staterooms. There are special facilities available for the blind/visually impaired and for the hard-of-hearing/deaf. Assistance dogs are also welcome on board at Cunard Cruises.


Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruise Ship


Azamara Interior


Azamara Suite

Azamara Cruises are a little different than the others. They believe in a completely immersive experience. This means that you get to stay at the destinations longer than you would with any other cruise line. Another big advantage of Azamara is that their ships accept no more than  690 guests. Activities and facilities offered by Azamara include lectures and seminars, wine tasting events, a library, casinos, parties, cabaret lounge and culinary events. On the accessibility front, there are staterooms which are accessible by wheelchair. The cruise lines also has facilities for the blind or visually impaired. Service animals are allowed on board.

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