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Best Food Boston Massachusetts

Best Cheap Eats in Boston

 Living in Boston can be costly unless, of course, you know the places where you can give your craving tummy a treat without spending a fortune. So here we go with a list of those cheap stations where great food is available at a tiny price.


  1. Bourbon BBQ Chicken Pizza – Crush Pizza, FiDi
Crush Pizza
Crush Pizza

A new entrant in the gastronomic scene of Boston, Crush Pizza at FiDi allows you to make your own pizza. Build your pizza with your chosen specialty pie from the Crush. Pick  your base from a number of choices like margarita, pesto, white and Bourbon BBQ. Pick your cheese from buffalo mozzarella, feta, ricotta or provolone, Add generous portions of meat from sausages and  meatballs to  Tuscan shrimp. Sprinkle with choicest toppings and bang, it goes into the 900 degree oven and in a matter of 90 seconds you’d get your juicy, fluffy, crispy yet thin and soft masterpiece of a pizza. The price range starts from an unbelievable $7.95 and there are a number of toppings to choose from including grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, red onions, house bourbon, house mozzarella and many more. Enough reason to go right away!


  1. 12″ Burgah Bomb Pizza – Dirty Water Dough Co., Back Bay
Dirty Water
Dirty Water

Looking for true Boston-styled pizza? Hand stretched, thin crusted, crispy with secret house-blend mozzarella in between? Drop in to Dirty Water Dough and experience their pizza made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and special seasoning. Try out the Burgah Bomb and you’ll fall in love with Dirty Water. Filled with house-marinated beef, cheddar mix, oodles of mozzarella, tomato ketchup, mustard, onions and shredded romaine, it is an absolute pleasure to your taste buds. Also go for cheese slices for just $2.75 & specialties for $3.75 and explore a world of gastronomic delight.


  1. KT&T Hot Dog – Kirkland Tap & Trotter, Somerville
Kirkland Tap & Trotter
Kirkland Tap & Trotter

A hot dog for $16 might not appear a very economical offer, but don’t be judgmental as you have not tasted the KT&T varieties yet. Made of pork shoulder, beef shoulder and beef chuck, and secured on pretzel bun with house-made mustard sauce – this gourmet frankfurter tastes heavenly. Crafted by Chef Tony Maws, this gem remains an off-menu item however and is available only on Monday evenings. So target your Mondays at Boston and go for this crafty beauty. But do hurry as they’re limited edition wonders, and might soon be sold out due to heavy demand if you don’t turn up pretty soon.


  1. Any sammie – Charlie’s Kitchen, Harvard Square
Any sammie - Charlie’s Kitchen, Harvard Square
Any sammie – Charlie’s Kitchen, Harvard Square

When hunger gets the better of you, there’s no other place to satiate your cravings other than Charlie’s Kitchen. Almost honoured as an institution in Harvard Square, Charlie’s Kitchen has been consistently dishing out their sandwiches and double cheeseburgers for ages. Have a few bites of the newly introduced Hawaiian Double Cheeseburger or indulge in the Lobstermelt with dollops of cheddar cheese for just $8 and spend the extra money for draft or bottled beers to wash your food down. A melting pot of all cultures, you’ll instantly fall in love with Charlie’s warm and casual ambiance. Enjoy your food with a great jukebox and live bands on Mondays. Believe us, life can’t get any better than this.


  1. The Double Awesome – Mei Mei Restaurant, Fenway/Kenmore
Mei Mei
Mei Mei

This sibling-run food truck serves drool worthy Chinese-American cuisine and has been awarded Boston’s Best Meal on Wheels. Choose wisely from a long menu. Our bet will be on the all-time favorite Double Awesome, a scallion pancake sandwich made with local green pesto, Vermont cheddar and poached eggs at just $9. You can also add some extras like home-made bacon, ham or pastrami to your food by spending another $2.50 for each. The daily fare like the big bowl of spring stuff usually costs around $15 or less. So go on and indulge right away.

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