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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Berlin

Berlin is the capital and the most populous city of Germany. It is a major tourist destination attracting millions of visitors every year. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 opened up the city to the world and it has since enthralled tourists with its history and architecture. Although the city suffered major damage during ...
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! Top 20 Must Visit Berlin Museums

With more than 100 museums, Berlin is a perfect city for those who love culture and history that packed in a place called the museum. From computer games to the darkly absurd Stasi surveillance methods, Berlin has it all. And consequently, you may feel confused which one is the best museum. Since it's quite difficult to ...
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How to Spend Two Awesome Weeks in Germany

There was no train for Berlin until the next day. This would mean a short trip to the extraordinaire Teufelbruck- Elbstrand in Nienstedten. Just unbelievable sight of the sunset. I wanted to stay in this moment forever. But no, I didn’t come here for that. Berlin- Germany's Capital That 2-hour, $35 train ride the following day ...
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Nevada – Las Vegas and So Much More

Austin is on Highway 50 and while here, you may also want to visit other towns such as Berlin, another vestige from an era past. While there, you may want to visit the old churches in the area and the many abandoned structures that are still around. 8.   Lake Tahoe . Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe contains ...
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Travelers’ Choice: 25 Most Popular European Destinations of 2018

Don’t miss out on the antique train traveling between Palma and Soller. Berlin – Germany . Picturesque Berlin. The fashion sense and the medieval architecture of the German capital are second to none. The history heads need to capture the views of the Berlin Wall; a scary reminder of postwar Germany. Also visit the Weltzeituhr Clock ...
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28 Structures That Epitomize Man’s Architectural Genius

Neue Nationalgalerie - Berlin. Neue Nationalgalarie in Berlin seems to be floating on the air. The Architectural magic of modernist Mies Van de Roche masterminded this style that uses minimal lines and open space. Also witness the vicious masterstroke that is Berghain . Berghain - Home Of Music. The historical magnet of electronic music in Berlin ...
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Top 10 Biggest Zoos In The World

It features animals like chameleons, snakes and spiders.   Berlin Zoological Garden, Berlin, Germany . Berlin Zoological Garden. The Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest zoo in Germany. Locally known as ‘Zoologischer Garten Berlin’, it is spread over 84 acres and is the most famous zoo in the country. The zoo might be smaller in size ...