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Belize – Top 12 Tourist Attractions

Belize, formerly British Honduras, is a small country in Central America. It has an eclectic mix of cultures as it has one foot in Latin America and another in the Caribbean. It is a hidden jewel with its lush jungles, beautiful beaches, attractive reefs, unique cuisine, and of course the stunning ruins of the Mayan civilization.
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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

See the Great Blue Hole at Belize . Great Blue Hole. The Great Blue Hole can be easily described as a striking wonder of nature. More precisely described as a ‘sinkhole’, it is located next to the ‘Lighthouse Reef’ in Belize. Unlike the underwater waterfalls, the Great Blue Hole is an actual hole and is not ...
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All boats for the site start from the ‘Seven Mile Beach’.   Explore the untouched Glovers’ Reef at Belize . Glover's Reef. Glovers’ Reef is an untouched piece of beauty located off the Belize coast. It is quite a remote destination and that is what makes it a great diving spot. Glovers’ Reef is an atoll ...