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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

Most hostels come with interesting activities, cool decor, and a great location. Some are in the middle of the city, in the mountains, or even on the beach with many coconut trees around. All are  built to meet the needs of different types of travelers. For travelers who love to surf, a surf hotel is perfect for you. They are equipped with various facilities to support your hobby. If you really love surfing and the beach, there is no reason to not stay in one of these hostels. Let’s check them out!

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @hannahbauh & @aryovth at  Farm Hostel, Bali

1. The Sirena Insolente Hostel, Chile

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @wooduh

As an eco-project, this hostel is surrounded by a cactus gardens and various plants that make this hotel feel comfortable. Located just 5km from Pichilemu, you can take a short walk to surf in Punta de Lobos, one of the epic surf spots in Chile. The best time to enjoy the waves and surf here is September to May.

Prices start from £14.97 (dorm beds) |  £27.15 (privates)

2. Ocean Beach, San Diego, USA

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @cata_lastra & @sophieteaart

Ocean Beach has many fun activities for travelers. It is located near the beach and you can enjoy bonfires on the beach every night. Every Wednesday there is a farmer’s market where you can buy some local food. Another great thing is the friendly staff will also offer you  discounted surf lessns. If you want to explore the town, you can take the bus. There are 2 bus lines that will take you to the town.

Prices start from £22/ $25/ €25 (dorm beds) 

3. Cohort Hostel, St Ives, Cornwall

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @nickpumphreyphoto

Cohort Hostel is located in the center of St Ives and just a few minutes from Porthmeor Beach, where you can enjoy the great swells and taste the best fish and chips. That’s why this hostel is perfect for surfers. There is also a beach cinema during summer and the annual Swellboard Shootout in June.

Prices start from £20 (dorm beds) 

4. Aloha Surf Hostel, Maui, Hawaii

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @katkakovi

Let’s move to Maui, Hawaii! Guess what? Aloha Surf Hostel has lots of free stuff for you. From free pancake breakfast to free daily tours of Maui. Yes, it’s free! This hostel also has an outdoor terrace where you can do BBQ nights. Wanna surf? Just take a walk to the beach and enjoy the waves. You can even spot turtles there.

Prices start from £39.13 (dorm beds) 

5. 99 Surf Lodge, Popoyo, Nicaragua

Beautiful Surf Hostels

99 Surf Lodge is a beautiful surf hostel. Let’s imagine. It has the infinity pool, a gym with ‘270-degree view’, an organic restaurant, and the room comes with glass doors and a veranda. In the morning you can actually wake up to the sea, take 10 minutes walk to surf at Playa Santana. Imagine how beautiful the scenery is. Rather than just imagining it, come on to this hostel!

Prices start from £19.28 (dorm beds) 

6. Bondi Backpackers, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful Surf Hostels

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @cbankhead, @mediamanint & @gokonrad

This hostel is located near the Bondi Beach, one of the most famous and iconic beaches in Australia. They have best views of Campbell Parade and helpful staff. So, make sure to stay here when you’re visiting Australia.

Prices start from £20.97 (dorm beds) | £64.98 (privates)

7. The Lunar Surf House, Agadir, Morocco

Beautiful Surf Hostels

Located in Morrocco, The Lunar Surf House was opened by a Moroccan/Australian couple who wanted to create a base for traveling surfers. The building is colorful and cozy with a rooftop and a free homemade breakfast for you. There are also a sunset yoga lessons and Reiki healing classes. For catching the sunrise and early surf, you better to go to Devil’s Rock.

Prices start from £11.46 (dorm beds) | £28.65 (privates) 

8. Hostel & Surf Camp 55, Ericeira, Portugal

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @rubyminka

Hostel & Surf Camp 55 is another great hostel for surfers, with a sea view in every room. If you’re a beginner surfer, you can book your surf lesson next door and learn how to surf on São Juliã beach. And for yoga lovers, you can sign up to surf yoga classes or 3 days of yoga in the Ericeira Yoga Shala. Doing yoga on the seafront will make you feel calm. Try to avoid the peak season (June-Sept) or try to book in advance if you can only go in that month.

Prices start from £10.18 (dorm beds) | £27.15 (privates)

9. Farm Hostel, Canggu, Indonesia

Beautiful Surf Hostels

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @hannahbauh & @aryovth

As a surfer, you will definitely love this archipelago country. Indonesia has many beautiful islands which will give you amazing surf experience. One of beautiful surfer hostels is Farm Hostel, located in Canggu, Bali Island and surrounded by Bali’s greenest-looking rice fields. You only need 3-minute scooter drive or 25-minute walk to reach the beach. Let’s meet new friends and surf together with them!

Prices start from £10.13 (dorm beds)

10. Rosemary Hostel, Florianópolis, Brasil

Beautiful Surf Hostels Beautiful Surf Hostels

Next stop: Brasil. Rosemary Hostel is a beautiful hostel with many interesting activities to do. This hostel isn’t only known as a surfer’s paradise, but also a paradise for those who love to live in a jungle forest. There are many facilities like a modern kitchen, social spaces with giant net hammocks, and a library deck. After enjoying the waves, you can try other activities like yoga, theatre, boxing, empowerment and “monkey movement” workshops. Sounds interesting, right?

Prices start from £14.43 (dorm beds) | £29.34 (privates)

11. Room2Board Hostel & Surf School, Jaco, Costa Rica

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @mariahboisvert & @_soyangie

Being located near the beach isn’t the only reason why surfers love to stay here. The staff are friendly and they also have great facilities like swimming pool with a waterslide and a balcony with hammocks/ yoga. No wonder this hostel is popular among travelers!

Prices start from £14.47 (dorm beds) | £54.65 (privates)

12. Hi Tide House, Gran Canaria, Spain

Beautiful Surf Hostels Beautiful Surf Hostels

Europe is famous for its amazing hostels and Hi Tide House is one of them. By staying here, you can experience the best waves in Gran Canaria. Their staff are great too. They will help you practice surfing, body-boarding, paddle surf, diving, paragliding, climbing, and more. Just ask them every time you need help! For a bonus, there is a rooftop terrace in this hostel, where you can chill and enjoy the waves day and night.

Prices start from £14.02 (dorm beds) 

13. Hidden House Hostel Montañita, Montanita, Ecuador

Beautiful Surf Hostels

This hostel is located hidden behind a quiet road two blocks from the beach, and it’s just 2 minutes walk to Montañita center. There’s a huge garden where you can join other travelers and have fun with all the facilities. This garden is also used for BBQ area and bar where you can buy “the cheapest and large beers in Montañita”.

Prices start from £6.69 (dorm beds) | £22.78 (privates)

14. Cool Vibes Beach Hostel, Dominical, Costa Rica

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by sweet.car0lime & @beanbzt

Cool Vibes is a perfect place to stay after a day at Playa Dominical or the artist market. People love to cook together in the hostel kitchen and share tips in the courtyard. You will make many friends here!

Prices start from £10.03 (dorm beds) | £27.76 (privates)

15. Villa Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites, Cascais, Portugal

Beautiful Surf Hostels Beautiful Surf Hostels

No, it isn’t a 5 stars hotel. It is Villa Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites with colorful bunk beds. The guests can ask the staff to arrange all the lessons for them. You can choose between windsurfing, kite-surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, boat tours, snorkeling, and surfing lessons. The staff will also prepare a healthy breakfast for you!

Prices start from £14.69 (dorm beds) 

16. Surf Riders Fuerteventura, Fuerteventura, Spain

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @_isa_mue_

Located in Corralejo, Surf Riders Hostel is surrounded by best surf spots. There are Glass Beach, El Hierro, Majanicho, El Cotillo, and Flag Beach for windsurfers.  Enjoy your stay here and join the surfing community to get more wonderful experience.

Prices start from £16.91 (dorm beds) | £40.05 (privates)

17. Hostel Dos Monos, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Beautiful Surf Hostels

So, if you love both the beach and the stars, we have the right place for you. It’s Hostel Dos Monos in Costa Rica! This hostel is located near the beach and you will be amazed by the view at night when you can see the stars shine beautifully in the sky. There are a yoga and surf lessons too and you can do those activities in the Santa Teresa bay. And as a bonus, you will find the best taco place next door.

Prices start from £14.47 (dorm beds) | £52.24 (privates)

18. Lay Day Surf Hostel, Indonesia

Beautiful Surf Hostels

Beautiful Surf Hostels
photo by @miradahlquist & @matildaarnesson

As we have told you before, Indonesia is a paradise for surfers. The beaches are so beautiful and the cultures are interesting. Lay Day Surf Hostel run by 4 people  (American, South-African, Dutch, and Indonesian) and they are a team of surfers and travelers. There are two pools in this hostel where you can take a break for a while after surfing at the beach.

Prices start from £8.55 (dorm beds) 

19. Surfarm, Pichilemu, Chile

Beautiful Surf Hostels

Surfarm is a hostel located in the middle of the Chilean countryside. It is a perfect place to chill since this hostel is surrounded by quinoa plantations and a deserted beach. There is also daily transfers from here to Punta de Lobos beach, where you can get along with the local surfers. After a long day at the beach, you can relax in the hammocks which are also part of the hostel facilities.

Prices start from £11.22 (dorm beds) | £31.18 (privates)

20. Surfing Etxea, San Sebastian, Spain

Beautiful Surf Hostels

The last recommendation for beautiful surfer hostels is Surfing Etxea in Spain. This hostel is surrounded by many epic spots for surfing. If you’re a newbie, don’t worry. Located on La Zurriola Beach, Surfing Etxea offers surf and paddle surf lessons for all levels. It only takes 10 minutes to visit La Concha, but if you want to visit Mundakas and Hossagor you have to drive for an hour.

Prices start from £17.57 (dorm beds) 



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