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Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

With over 20 million visitors every year, Bangkok is presently the most-visited city in the world. It is the capital and the largest city in Thailand. This small trading town of yesteryear has grown into a booming metropolis and a major cultural, financial, and entertainment hub of South East Asia. From ancient Buddhist temples to magnificent ...
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10 Best Places on Earth for Animal Watching

The place is a 2-hour bus ride from Bangkok. Cable Beach, Australia. . . Cable Beach, Australia. Catching a sunset riding on a camel is an experience that you can boast of only if you’re a Bedouin…or, if you travel to Cable Beach in Australia and spend time in one of the camel farms here. Situated ...
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Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Bangkok . Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand and known as the capital city of that country. Containing many ancient temples and amazing palaces, Bangkok always attracts tourist from around the world. As a big city, Bangkok has traffic jams and air pollution, but it also has the river that gives you another option for ...
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10 Top Places to See Animals Outside of Zoos

There is a bus which will take you to this place from Bangkok. It takes about 2 hours.   7. Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park in Japan This monkey park is located in Nagano, Japan. The pictures of Japanese macaques have gone viral around the world. Since the monkeys are used to people, you can see closely ...
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Top 10 Unusual Restaurants in the World

Wish to taste some of the handpicked wines? Ask for a tasting as you stretch your legs out in the lounge enjoying the brilliant sunset.   Vertigo Restaurant & Moon Bar, Bangkok . Vertigo Restaurant & Moon Bar. True to its name, this restaurant will give you wings to fly so you can touch the moon.
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11 Cities with the Best Street Food

Bangkok . Thai street foods are scattered in Bangkok. You’ll find them while you are walking to the BTS Skytrain, shopping in Chatuchak weekend market, or around the tourism destinations. Because of there are so many vendors in Bangkok and not of all are licensed, it is best to choose stalls that display a sticker of ...