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Must-Visit Attractions of the Tropical Paradise of Bali

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Indonesian island of Bali is one of the most popular island destinations in the world.  The Island of the Gods is one of the 17500 islands of Indonesia and draws nearly 3 million tourists annually from all corners of the globe. Bali is popular for its beautiful sandy beaches, distinctly ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Exciting Dive Sites

The water is crystal clear and the view is far-reaching.   Bali, Indonesia . USS Liberty Shipwreck in Bali. Bali is especially famous for the ‘USS Liberty Shipwreck’. It is often described as the best sunken wreck in the world. Divers also visit Bali for exploring the many fish species and for turtles, corals and sponges.
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Famous Travel Couple Earns Up To $9000 Through Instagram Photos

They capture and upload flawless Instagram photos. In March 2016, Jack and Lauren met in Fiji and then they decided to move to Bali together. Now, this travel couple chose Bali as their home base. Both Jack and Lauren are self-taught photographers. Jack said that he edits all his photos in the same kind of style with his ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Lisbon

It is located in the Pombaline Downtown neighborhood of Lisbon. The Square has been in existence since the Middle Ages and has been witness to many revolts, executions, bullfights, celebrations, and major events. Today, the Square is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. There are a number of shops and cafes in the ...
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Top 10 Incredibly Beautiful Islands Of Asia

Then there are the jungles and the diving sites.   Bali, Indonesia . There is hardly anybody in this world who hasn’t heard of this island. Dotted with temples and relaxation centers, Bali is the place for rejuvenating yourself. Bali is also the place for capturing some tropical beauty. It was made even more popular by ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

photo by @hannahbauh & @aryovth at  Farm Hostel, Bali. 1. The Sirena Insolente Hostel, Chile . photo by @wooduh. As an eco-project, this hostel is surrounded by a cactus gardens and various plants that make this hotel feel comfortable. Located just 5km from Pichilemu, you can take a short walk to surf in Punta de Lobos, one of the ...
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Relax on Sunny Days in These 10 Beautiful Summer Villas

Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia Go to this luxury resort in Indonesia for two things: the view and the architecture. Summer villas in this resort are perched on limestone cliffs, giving guests a breathtaking view of the aquamarine Indian Ocean and golden sunsets. The villas are also designed in a minimalist style that is chic, relaxing ...