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If You Are In Austria, Make Sure You Do Not Miss These Attractions

Austria is a landlocked Alpine country located right in the heart of Europe. From breathtaking natural scenery to some of the grandest public buildings, the country boasts of a wide range of attractions. It has some of the most beautiful cities of Central Europe, which change color according to the moods of the season. Be it the sparkling summer weather or cheerful Christmas time — Austria is a paradise in its own right. In this blog, we bring to you 10 wonderful attractions and activities that could feature in your list when you visit Austria.


  1. Enjoying the Snowbombing Music Festival

Located about an hour’s drive from Innsbruck is the Alpine town of Mayrhofen. Known for its several outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, paragliding, and mountain biking, the town has added a feather in its cap as the host of the annual Snowbombing Music Festival — a globally popular electronic dance music festival. This weeklong festival in April features many artists performing in a number of venues across town. In between, you can watch professional artists showcasing their skills on the snowclad slopes.


  1. Exploring Innsbruck

This historic city and capital of Tyrol  is cradled in the picturesque Inn and Wipp valleys. The surrounding snowclad mountains are a popular venue for winter sports — having bagged several winter Olympics. Many consider it to be the ‘largest ski resort in the Alps’. But it is just not the alpine slopes that draw visitors to this city. Numerous impressive cathedrals, churches, museums, parks, and gardens are dotted all over the city. After sundown, you can a drink in a traditional pub or shake it in a trendy night club.


  1. Visiting the Admont Abbey Library

The world’s largest monastic library is one of the finest and grandest examples of Late European baroque architecture. The abbey is located in the Gesause National Park, about halfway between the cities of Graz and Salzburg. Although the abbey was founded in the 11th century, the library hall was commissioned much later — in the 18th century. It is ornately designed with cupola frescoes and stunning sculptures. Although the library has much significance for its historic collections, the building itself is a major attraction to the visitors.


  1. Caving at the Eisreisenwelt

Located about 40 km from Salzburg, in the town of Werfen, is the largest ice cave in the world — the Eisreisenwelt, a name literally translating to World of the Ice Giants. The cave, which is nearly 42 km long, is situated in the Hochkogel mountain in the Alps. Easy access to the cave and several guided tours have made this a top attraction with the tourists who number nearly a quarter of a million every year. The ice cave is open only between the months of May and October due to the harsh weather of the region. If you are planning to take the tour, make sure you have proper warm clothing as it is below freezing inside the cave.


  1. Skiing in Arlberg

If you love skiing, then Arlberg should certainly feature in your list when visiting Austria. Located between Tyrol and Vorarlberg, this is one of the premier ski resorts in Austria and home to training sessions of many World and Olympic champions. The slopes are varied and suited for both beginners and professionals. You can carry your own gear or rent it at the site. There are several trails at Arlberg which the local guides would be happy to help you with.


  1. Trekking at the Schlgeis Lake

The Schlgeis Lake is one of the 5 artificial lakes in the strikingly beautiful Zillertal Valley. There are many travelers who visit the lake and its surrounding areas for hiking and climbing. Put on your hiking gear and head for the 13.3 km long Schlgeis Alpine Road which starts about 1 km above the sea level and then runs through several rock tunnels with its twists and turns. Alternatively, you can be a part of a trekking tour and explore the region.


  1. Romancing in Hallstatt

Situated on the banks of the picturesque Halstatter Lake, about 70 km south east of Salzburg, is the village of Hallstatt. With just about 1000 inhabitants, Hallstatt will surprise you with rich history and culture. There is evidence that the place was inhabited since prehistoric times and has contributed to the culture of the Celts. The first recorded salt mine in the world was found near this town and is today a tourist attraction. The village offers several outdoor activities like hiking and snowboarding. If you are looking at a lazy day trip or weekend getaway, simply stroll around the narrow streets of Hallstatt and enjoy the dazzling scenery that surrounds it.


  1. Visiting Salzburg

Be it the setting of the iconic ‘The Sound of Music’ movie or the beautiful Christmas markets, Salzburg is an attraction for all seasons. It is also the birthplace of the legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Add with this the numerous historic architecture and public parks scattered in the city and you have one of the most loved tourist destinations in the country. The Old Town of Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its very well preserved Baroque architecture. Salzburg is a holiday destination in itself so make sure you keep enough time on your hands to explore the rich heritage of this historic city.


  1. Scaling Grossglockner

Grossglockner, rising to a height of 3798 m above sea level, is the highest mountain in Austria. This pyramid shaped mountain was first scaled in 1773. With the high quality mountaineering gears of the present day and the well laid out trails, Grossglockner is a mountain that can be easily scaled by climbers with even an intermediate level of experience in mountain climbing. Try the approach from the Franz-Josefs-Hohe Viewpoint which is one of the most visited parts of the base. Even if you are not planning a climb, the drive through the High Alpine Road from Heilgenblut to the Franz-Josefs-Hohe Viewpoint is very scenic and an attraction in itself.


  1. Visiting Vienna

No trip to Austria is complete without a visit to its capital — Vienna. Considered to be one of the cultural capitals of Central Europe, Vienna still stands as a symbol of aristocracy and grandeur, attracting over 4 million visitors every year. Its Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although it has a very good transport network within the city, you can see most of the attractions on foot. Set on the banks of the River Danube, Vienna still carries the old imperial charm that first made it famous. Visiting the Schonbrunn Palace, watching an opera at the Staatsoper, discovering its history at the MuseumsQuartier, exploring the Christmas stalls at the brilliantly lit up Rathaus, or visiting the rides at the Prater, Vienna keeps your plate full at any time of the year.

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