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10 Stunning Natural Wonders in Australia

Australia remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its unique landscape. Although a major part of the country is a dry desert, it still has enough natural wonders to delight any outdoor enthusiast. Here is a pick of 10 such stunning natural wonders in Australia that should not be missed ...
Wineglass Bay
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Top 10 Beaches In Australia

The Hyams Beach is located in the Boodeere National Park and the Jervis Bay Marine Park area of Australia. It is surrounded by plenty of cliffs and forests. The cliffs attract a lot of hikers because of their numerous walking trails. The beach itself is known for its incredible white sand and for the water sports ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

Bondi Backpackers, Sydney, Australia . photo by @cbankhead, @mediamanint & @gokonrad. This hostel is located near the Bondi Beach, one of the most famous and iconic beaches in Australia. They have best views of Campbell Parade and helpful staff. So, make sure to stay here when you're visiting Australia. Prices start from £20.97 (dorm beds) | £64.98 ...
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10 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die

Great Barrier Reef in Australia . Nature’s wonders are found not only on land, but also under the sea. The best showcase of the world’s rich marine biodiversity is the Great Barrier Reef—the Earth’s largest coral reef system. Dive into the waters off northeastern Australia and prepare to be wowed by the different kinds of fish, ...
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9 Top Attractions in Kansas – the Sunflower State

It doesn’t end there as KU’s ethnographic collection showcases thousands of Native American, African and Australian pieces. Boot Hill . Boot Hill. The historic Cemetery and the Fort Dodge Jail are  must-see sites in the complex in Dodge City. Also available on display and absolutely can't-miss is the recreation of the 1870s Front Street. Witness the picturesque and ...
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From there the ship turns toward Australia, more precisely towards its eastern coast.  Then, the Voyager heads toward Hong Kong and Shanghai. The next stop is Seychelles and then Africa. It sets anchor for three nights at Cape Town in South Africa. Finally, you get to spend some time at the Caribbean before finishing off the ...