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Sea Turtles at Maui Ocean Center.
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Where to See Animals in Maui

Known as the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, this island is a perfect place for your holiday. The top things to do in Maui are sunset cruise, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and  animal watching. The water activities can be done at almost any beach in Maui. For you who are animal lovers, here are top 5 places to do animal watching in Maui. Check it out!

1. Papawai Scenic Lookout

You will see many humpback whales fill the ocean when you’re visiting Maui from January-March. Head to Papawai scenic lookout. It is situated just north of Ma’alaea and the perfect spot to see whales, especially during peak whale season. But, good things take time. You may need to stand around and wait for a while before the whales show themselves.


2. Ho’okipa Beach Park

This beach park is a great place to enjoy the sunset, but you aren’t the only one who will enjoy it. You’re gonna share the beach with over a dozen sea turtles. They emerge from the sea and bask on the sand during sunset. That’s why Ho’okipa Beach Park is one of the best spots in Maui.


3. Surfing Goat Dairy

Maui doesn’t offer you only water animal watching, but also the best experience od seeing  goats on the farm. More than 100 goats produce the best cheese in the island. There is a tour named Evening Chores and Milking Tour where visitors can feed and even hand-milk the goats. The feeding happens in the afternoon. That would be great, especially for the children.


4. East Maui Animal Refuge

East Maui Animal Refuge, or The Boo Boo Zoo,  is home for injured and orphaned animals.When you go on a tour, you will not only see and get close to the animals but also give donations.  This rehabilitation sanctuary is entirely run by volunteers. Because the tours are available by appointment only, you should schedule a time before.


5. Lahaina Animal Farm

Located in the south of downtown Lahaina, there are many activities that you can do here. This animal farm is a perfect place for family vacation. The children can play with rabbits, goats, or ducks. The parents can join horseback lessons or pizza making sessions,  which are only available on private tours. This farm also sells its fresh eggs to the visitors.


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