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Andorra – 12 Incredibly Beautiful Attractions

Andorra is a small European country located between Spain and France. Although it is a well-known winter destination in Europe, Andorra is relatively unknown to the rest of the world. This mountainous country is a paradise for hikers and skiers. Andorra is also home to some of the most beautiful valleys. Scattered in these valleys are numerous small villages which give a true feel of the countryside. Andorra is home to many old churches, most of them locked in time. The country is also a must-visit for bird watchers. Limiting yourself to only the hiking trails and ski destinations would be a big mistake! In fact, Andorra is also a great summer destination for the whole family.


  1. Santa Coloma Church

The Santa Coloma Church is located inside a village of the same name. It is known for its tower, which is round and consists of arched windows. The church is built entirely out of stone and goes back to the 9th century. The inside of the church contains a statue of the Virgin of Coloma which is believed to be from the 12th century. The entrance is decorated with a medieval font and beautiful frescoes.


  1. El Serrat

El Serrat is a village surrounded by picturesque mountains. It is located at the end of a valley known as the Valira del Nord. El Serrat is the perfect base for exploring Andorra’s pristine countryside. The village is popular with hikers, birdwatchers. and mountain sports enthusiasts.


  1. Anyos

Anyos is a small village which can be explored on a day trip. The village hosts an annual carnival in July every year. Anyos is popular with birdwatchers and is also a good spot for fishing. You can also visit the Church of Saint Christopher in the locality.


  1. Sant Joan de Caselles Church

The Sant Joan de Caselles church is located near the tiny village of Canillo. The architecture of this 11th century church has distinct Roman influences. Its interior is even more beautiful and is covered with frescoes. Other prominent attractions of this church include the polychromatic painting and the choir grille surrounding around it. As you approach the church, you might think of it more of a medieval castle than a church.


  1. Casa de la Vell

The Casa de la Vell is a historical house which is still in use. It was built way back in 1580 as a defense center. Today, the house is used by the General Council of Andorra. The coat of arms of the country is visible at the doorway of the house. The house also has an interesting tower shaped like a pigeon-house. It is said that the house has a secret closet containing valuable historic documents.


  1. Basilica Sanctuary of Nostra Senyora de Meritxell

The Basilica Sanctuary of Nostra Senyora de Meritxell is a sanctuary located in the town of Meritxell. Almost destroyed in a fire in the 1970s, it has since been restored to its former glory. The sanctuary is known for its ‘mirror room’ and for the statues of various patron saints. In addition, the surrounding landscape is excellent for hiking.


  1. Termolúdic Caldea Spa Complex

The Termolúdic Caldea is the largest spa complex in Europe. It is located in Andorra la Vella and is a dominating feature of the city’s skyline. The glass pyramid is the predominant feature of the complex and towers above everything else. The complex covers an area of 6000 sq meters and offers artificial lagoons, treatment centers, Jacuzzis, saunas and of course, spas. The spas feature baths inspired by Indo-Roman architecture and a pool with grapefruits floating in it!


  1. La Cortinada

La Cortinada is a small but very attractive village in Andorra. It is surrounded by rough mountains and pleasant meadows, providing quite a visual contrast. The most popular attraction in the village is the Sant Martí de la Cortinada Church, which is famous for its frescoes. It also consists of wrought iron railings, a confessional, and a bright altarpiece made of wood.


  1. Encamp

Encamp is very popular as a skiing and a snowboarding destination. It acts as a base for the two skiing areas for ‘Grau Roig Ski’ and ‘Pas de la Casa’. Encamp is also where you will find tons of historic buildings in all their glory. It is a town of small boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. There is also the National Automobile Museum, which displays a large collection of motorcycles and cars. Encamp is located close to the a popular hiking spot called the ‘Pic dels Pessons Mountain’.


  1. Valira d’Orient Valley

The Valira d’Orient Valley is a popular road trip destination. The main attraction are its many narrow, winding roads amidst a stunning scenery.  You can start at Les Escaldes located near Andorra la Vella. From there you can head to Sant Miquel Engolasters, a Pyrenean church and then Lake Engolasters, a beautiful artificial lake.


  1. Pas de la Casa

Pas de la Casa is one of the most popular ski resorts in Andorra. It is located close to the border of France and has 31 ski lifts. Unlike some other resorts in the country, the Pas de la Casa caters to experts or advanced skiers. It is also popular for its bustling nightlife, which consists of lovely music and fine dining. There are also several warehouses at the Andorra-France Pass selling duty-free goods!


  1. Vallnord

Vallnord is a popular winter destination and draws many snowboarders and skiers from Europe. It is home to three popular resorts, namely Arinsal, Pal, and Arcalis. All of them offer vast skiing opportunities to the visitors. More seasoned skiers are likely to go Pal and Arinsal, whereas the Arcalis trails are more suited to new skiers. Almost all the mountain slopes are connected with each other by cable cars. There are also gondolas which connect the resort of Pal to nearby villages. Vallnord is perfectly suitable for a family vacation.

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