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African Safari Hopping

Africa is a paradise for safari and animal lovers. The parks and reserves in Africa are definitely part of their bucket lists. African safaris offer you many options for where and how to see the animals in the wild. A safari camp, a game driver, or even hot air balloon safari, it’s up to you to choose. But it isn’t easy to choose, since there are many options for the safari trip and  parks. Instead of visiting one them, why not go safari hopping and visit the best six parks? Check them out!

6. Kruger National Park

It takes a four-hour drive from Johannesburg to visit Kruger National Park, the largest game reserve in South Africa. Many safari companies provide transportation from cities to help you reach this park. The large mammal species here are interesting for travelers. It’s larger than other parks. Similar to other parks, there are luxury lodges and camps located within and outside the park. With several options to explore the park, you may choose the species that interest you most. Is it the lions, the birds, or the rhinos? After you know that, you can decide which parts of the park to visit.

5. Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi is one of the must-visit parks in Africa if you want to spot the rare endangered wild dog, which can be spotted in  only a few places in Africa. Moremi offers a safari drive and a camping trip. The local tribe will paddle you through the tranquil waters of the Delta. Visiting this place will give you a priceless experience.

4. Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is located less than two hours from Victoria Falls in Zambia. The park doesn’t offer only an on-land game drive, but also a relaxing boat ride along the river. Both the birds and mammals here are abundant. You can see elephants swimming and spot antelopes grazing on the banks. This park is perfect to be your part of African Safari Hop.

3. Manyara National Park

Located in Tanzania, Manyara is part of the Tarangire System. This park is on the second place after the Serengeti in terms of migratory mammal populations, but the environment is quite different. Manyara has a dense forest and over half of the park is covered by alkaline Lake Manyara, the favorite place of flamingos. White pelicans, ibis, storks, and other wetland birds also love that lake. According to Ernest Hemingway, this park is one of the loveliest parks in Africa.

2. Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is famous for its elephant populations and the massive baobab trees. Plenty of birds species also live on the savanna and around the Tarangire River. Be careful with cactus-like candelabra trees, the poisonous sap can blind you.  If possible, try to visit this park in the dry season. During that season, the thirsty mammals are drawn to the perennial wetlands. Such a great place to see the animals in the wild.

1. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is a popular safari park among tourists and animal lovers. Located in Tanzania, Serengeti itself means “endless plain” in the language of the Maasai people. Over a million wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles call this park as their home. There are many accommodation options, from luxury lodges to rustic tent camps. Visitors can also experience a hot air balloon ride over the savanna and see the animals from above. If youwant to enjoy a safari park with extraordinary way, then riding a hot air balloon is a must.


Tips Before You Go

Sometimes it may not easy to spot a large animal population, especially in the big parks. The animals can be more spread out. So, the small parks which provide a denser concentration will shorten needed for safari hopping. Don’t forget to enjoy the landscape too. Safari isn’t only about seeing animals in the wild. The landscape also breathtaking.To get the best safari experience, it’s highly recommended to hire an experienced guide. The guides know better about the animals and the best places to spot them. If you don’t know which safari company is best for you, you can read reviews or ask other travelers who have gone with them before.



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