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Affordable Safaris Beyond Africa

Most people think that Africa is the best place to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat. It can be true, since Africa is famous for its animal diversity and habitats. But before all those adventures, we need a lot of money to go there, especially if we live far from Africa. It can even cost around $800 – $1000 USD per night to stay in the lodges to experience African safaris.

But don’t worry! We will tell you some countries outside of Africa that also offer safaris. And of course, they are affordable! Let’s check out all these places.

1. Sri Lanka

Have you ever visited Sri Lanka? This country is located in South Asia, near southeast India. The best place to see leopards in their natural habitat is Yala National Park. As the most-visited national park in Sri Lanka, Yala has the highest population density of leopards in the world. It is home to 44 species of mammals and 215 species of birds. The cost of leopard safaris run under $100 a night, including a campfire dinner.

2. Australia

When you go to Australia, make sure to visit Fraser Island, one of the most popular beach getaways. It is also a great place for seeing wildlife. There are around 300 species of birds, turtles, snakes, and humpback whales live on or around that island. You will only need about $170 to get the safari experience. For an underwater safari, head to the Muiron Island to see dolphins, humpbacks, manta rays, and sharks. You have to pay about $200 for two dives.

3. Costa Rica

Are you looking for affordable safari? Head to Costa Rica, a country in Central America. About 5% of the world’s biodiversity can be found in this country. For less than $150 you can see turtles nesting, monkeys flying high above the treetops, and water birds nesting in the trees. That would be a great adventure!

4. Indonesia

As a tropical country, Indonesia is famous for its rainforests and wild animals. Borneo is the best place to see orangutans, birds, and other animals. There is a national park named Tanjung Puting National Park where you can get around the jungle on foot or by boat. The safaris are less than $150 a day, but you can choose other packages for multi-day passes.


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