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8 Top Reasons to Visit the Hoosier State Indiana

Located in the Great Lakes region of North America, the Hoosier State is popular for all the thrilling outdoorsy adventures, fine dining in fine restaurants and a sip of delicious wines as well as a zip through the natural countryside. The capital Indianapolis is further lined beautifully with amazing theaters, galleries and an iconic downtown area.

From the Soldiers and Sailors Monument to the Canal Walk and the Indianapolis Museum of Art,  the best collections of attractions are open to you in the capital. In addition, you’ve got the American Indian Museum at the White River State Park and the First Christian Church out there to explore.

Here are  the 8 best sites that will make your visit to the Hoosier State one for the ages.

  1. Lanier Mansion State Historic Site

Lanier Mansion State Historic Site
Lanier Mansion State Historic Site

A National Historic Landmark, the beautiful home is filled with amazing stories. The Greek Revival style mansion was built for James Lanier in 1844 by designer Francis Costigan of Madison. In 1917, Charles Lanier gave the building as a Memorial Museum to the Jefferson County Historical Society. As a result, you now get to witness some impressive gardens, landscapes and astonishing original furnishings and decor from the mid-1800s. Also of significance is the astonishing three-story spiraling staircase built of the old architectural genius.

  1. Snite Museum of Art

Snite Museum of Art
Snite Museum of Art

Learn, enjoy and interact with some of the most exquisite artworks of the new and old together at the Notre Dame University Campus in South Bend. The original-displays Museum owns over 27,000 artworks from  several principal world cultures and timelines while majorly focusing on Western Culture. The Arts Museum serves as host to international scholars as well as all the kinds of art fanatics. The artistry on showcase ranges from deep Catholicism, nineteenth-century French Art works, African American, Latino, Ivan Mestrovic Art and the old master paintings among thousands of others. A Notre Dame Sculpture Park is also in the works currently to be added to the Mesoamerican arts already present. Admission is free all year long.

  1. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – Fort Wayne

Red Panda at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
Red Panda at Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Located in Fort Wayn, the Children’s Zoo has over a thousand animals on the 40-acre Franke Park. It is the most popular zoo in the Hoosier State and the early 2000s renovations  resulted in the now award-winning animal exhibits. The non-profit policy it rides on means that you can visit anywhere between April and November this year and you can interact with the over thousand adorable critters for only a $1.

  1. WonderLab Museum of Science

WonderLab Museum of Science
WonderLab Museum of Science

Visit the Science Museum in downtown Bloomington and witness the best experience of hands-on science programs and exhibits. Because of the health, science and technology exhibitions in the child-friendly fun center, WonderLab opens your child’s imagination and immerses them in the innovative world of the entertaining and educative center. The Hoosier State Project provides  the best scientific experience for children  in a manner comparable to a science fiction movie.

  1. RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum

RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum
RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum

The 100,000-Square-foot Museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the revolutionary RV system. The “moving houses” have been housing vacationers during their travels for the past 90 years. It’s only fair that in return you visit the home of the “affordable housing” that revolutionized road transport in North America. Despite the wide-ranging alterations from the original RV/MH, the state-of-the-art Museum still stands as a reminder of our heritage. The enormous showroom in the Hall of Fame Museum now features trailers, motor-homes, memorabilia and homes tracing back to 1920.

  1. Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art

While on your excursions of the Hoosier State’s Capital, you maybe should seriously consider heading downtown to the Eiteljorg Museum. The American, Indian and Western Art Center features the very best of the Native and western cultures. The museum was consequently featured among the finest Native American and western museums in America by True West. You meet breathtaking sculptures, paintings and landscape recreations. Especially relevant are the amazing artworks from famous Western, Indian and American craftsmen that beautifully line the Museum.

  1. First Christian Church – Hoosier State’s Columbus Area

First Christian Church - Hoosier State
First Christian Church

Built way back in 1940s as an astonishing contemporary building, First Christian Church now still stands strong, but now as a National Historic Landmark. Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen designed the glass-fronted main hall and the stunning tower beside it. The interior decor is another work of art by Saarinen’s son and the designer of North Christian Church – Eero Saarinen. The modern-looking 70-year old beauty can host 900 worshippers between the buff bricks and clear glass.

  1. Indiana University Art Museum

Indiana University Art Museum
Indiana University Art Museum

Another Bloomington Beauty in the Hoosier State, this contemporary-style museum offers a diverse collection of lustrous oeuvres. Most noteworthy members include glossy ceramics, photographs, sculptures and silky paintings. The Museum also features several travelling international artifacts and exhibitions in the temporary galleries.


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