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8 Places Where You Can See Penguins in the Wild

Penguins are a favorite among  bird species due to their uniqueness. Though penguins can’t fly like most other birds, they are still attractive and charismatic. You may always hear or think that they only live in a place with a huge amount of snow like the Arctic, but it isn’t entirely true. In fact, no penguins live at the North Pole. So, where do penguins live? Here are eight places where you can see penguins in their natural habitats. Let’s check this out!

8. Gough Island

Have you ever heard about Gough Island? It is a tiny island located in southern Atlantic, 1,800 miles from Cape Town, Africa and 2,000 miles from the nearest point of South America. Since there are only about 6 people who live there, this island is considered as one of the most remote places that is permanently inhabited. Those 6 people are staff of a weather station maintained there. Gough Island is the breeding ground for over 3,000 pairs of northern rockhopper penguin, an endangered species. Because visiting the island isn’t easy, you might go to Tristan da Cunha first as your getaway. It is located near the island.

7. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are famous because of the giant tortoises and finches. Charles Darwin did his famous study of finches in those islands. That’s why some people think only those two creatures which live there, but the fact is penguins live there too. Due to several adaptations to their environment, they can live there and have become the only species of penguins that live north of the equator. Galapagos penguins were endangered in the 1980s but managed to survive. The population has been slowly recovering. Head to Fernandina Island and Isabela Island if you want to see them.

6. South Africa

Yes, it is really South Africa! You might be surprised about that. Penguins aren’t always found in the snowy places or somewhere with cold climates. The one which lives in Africa is called the African penguin. You can see the African Penguin in the southern waters of Africa, in areas of Namibia and South Africa. Similar to two species before, African penguin is also considered endangered.

5. Australia

The southern coast of the Australian continent is home to the little penguin or the “fairy penguin.” It is the smallest species of penguin and famous for its uniqueness. Little penguins love to nesting in  burrows rather than above the ground. During daylight, they look for something to eat and come back to their burrows in the evening. In Victoria, you can take an evening tour which allows you to see the penguins return to their burrows.

4. New Zealand

Australia’s unique ecosystem has penguins, but it’s not the only one: New Zealand has it too. Some species of penguins live and breed along New Zealand’s coast. They are little penguins, Fiordland crested penguins, Snares penguins, and yellow-eyed penguins. Since penguin watching tours have been popular, no wonder tourists all over the world come here to see the lovely penguins.

3. Chile

The southern tip of South America is circumpolar, where the lands have similarity with northern climes. There are several places where you can see the penguins in Chile. Magellanic penguin populations flourish near Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn), the Magellan Strait and the nearby islands. They also can be found throughout Tierra de la Fuego, the southern tip of South America. Sometimes you will see Gentoo penguins in that area too.

2. Falkland Islands

Known as sub-Antarctic islands, it is easy to find the Magellanic and Gentoo penguins in the Falkland Islands, along with  King Penguins, Macaroni Penguins, and Southern Rockhopper Penguins. The islands are breeding ground and home for almost 500,000 breeding pairs of penguins. It means that 1 million penguins live there. If you visit the islands, you will get up close and personal with the penguins.

1. Antarctica

Antartica is the one and only place in the world known as the number 1 spot to see penguins. You will see some species such as Adelie penguins and emperor penguins which you are unlikely to see  in other places. Adelie penguins are famous for their “tuxedo-wearing” look. You can see other species such as chinstrap penguins, macaroni penguins, and gentoo penguins in the South Sandwich Islands, around the Antartic landmass. Due to its beautiful landscape and a number of species of penguins, Antarctica is the best place to see the penguins in their natural habitat.



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