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7 Best Adventures That Must Make Your Bucket List

A recent study by Amazing Places Deal Experts revealed the top adventures that you couldn’t believe can actually happen at the top spots all around the globe.
From scuba-diving in the company of great white sharks in San Francisco to an absolutely petrifying leap at the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zambia, you have this electrifying list of over-the-limit adventures to choose from.

All you daring folks who love to live on the adventuresome edge, we’ve most definitely got your backs covered.

  1. Antarctica Adventures

The southernmost continent, 98% covered with deep snow, Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and most barren continent on earth. Antarctica is however quickly becoming a hot destination for dare-devil athletes who beat the odd landscape to compete in the brutal Antarctic Ice Marathon. The less tested athletes could recourse to the less-brutal half marathon. Visit the Antarctica between November and January and be part of these mind boggling experiences.

  1. Farallon Islands – San Francisco, North America

Meet the almighty great white sharks as you go cage diving in the Farallon Islands. Great whites sharks are the scariest creatures in the Pacific,  hunting any seagoing creature.  Better still, to encounter the predators of the deep, you don’t even need any scuba certification. All you need is an overflow of guts, yes serious guts, to meet these monsters of the ocean. The best time to register for your escapades is between September and November.

  1. Sand-boarding in South Lima – Peru, South America

Sand-boarding is very quickly gaining popularity in Peru among venturesome enthusiasts. This sport involves ridding a board down a vast sand mound. While trekking in Machu Picchu was originally the attraction for explorers in Peru, sand-boarding seems to have gained ground. A dune buggy ride down the sandy deserts of Huacachina and Arequipa is a welcome complement to the already fun filled adventures. You can also decide to lie on the sand-board and use it like sled.

  1. Victoria Falls Bridge – Zambia, Africa

The colonial age bridge straddling the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge is home to some of the most thrilling experience. Victoria Falls’ zip-line is perfect option for your nerve-racking bungee jump (quick hint: screaming is definitely allowed). The excitement goes up tenfold when you realize you are actually overlooking one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the largest waterfall in the world – Victoria Falls itself.

  1. Zorbing Adventure at Interlaken – Switzerland, Europe

At the Alpine Center in Interlaken, Switzerland, you get a chance to enclose yourself in a hamster ball and get rolled down the hills or sloppy terrains in this heart stopping affair. You are suspended in the middle of the Zorb by straps and the Zorb rolled downhill. The world-renowned risk-filled adventures discovered by fearless New Zealand swashbucklers has gained immense popularity in the Swiss Alps region. It is a ‘safer’ alternative to the more-extreme bungee jumping but will leave your head moving round in circles.

  1. Skydiving at the Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Because scuba diving or simply sailing the Great Barrier Reef is too mainstream, the daredevil opts for a more thrilling adventure – a free-fall sky jump from as high as 14,000 feet above the ground. The view from well above the reef and the rain-forest is absolutely magical, the relief when the parachute finally opens and lessens the free-fall even better. Floating on a parachute slowly down from heaven in company of an instructor is simply exhilarating.

  1. Himalayan Kingdom – Nepal, Asia

Most widely known for the world’s tallest mountain – Mount Everest – the Himalayas in Nepal offer an immense range of breathtaking adventures. From the ghastly mountain climb that stretches and almost breaks your human spirit to jaw dropping paragliding at Pokhara village, you will want to spend so much of your venturesome journey at this iconic kingdom. Furthermore you get to trek up to  the 17,000 feet high Annapurna Circuit. These go all the way up to touch the Tibetan Plateau and give you an opportunity to fall in love with the very best nature has on show.  Nepal is additionally jam-packed with unbelievably hospitable locals. They will be more than willing to impart you with a few elements of the Nepalese culture.

Get out there and explore, my good people!

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