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Central Restaurant - Lima
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6 Top South American Restaurants That Made the World’s Best 50 List This Year

This year’s annual World’s Best 50 Restaurants list was only recently released. And surprise, surprise! Six of South America’s top restaurants managed to feature on the prestigious list. The annual ranking is based on votes from a thousand-plus experts in the restaurants industry.

Since the experts are well knowledgeable in the restaurants sector, it’s safe to assume that the restaurants appearing on this list are only well deserving and not based on intuition and feelings. Therefore, it’s a great honor to have any of your eateries featured here.

Let’s  highlight  the six restaurants from South America that made the list.

  1. Tegui – Bueno Aires, Agentina

At e number 49 comes Martigui’s Tegui, a 19-position jump from the ranking last year. Only the third of Argentinian restaurants ever to feature here, Tegui stays true to the Argentine culture and offers contemporary cuisines developed smoothly with time. Chef Martitegui furthermore ensures you are treated to tastes exploring all the corners of the vast South American country.

Be treated to an 8-step tasting menu including sumptuously grilled oyster and spicy desserts. Later after the meal course is done, the cellar is opened to bombard you with some lush jungle wines.

Tegui in Buenos Aires

  1. Borago Restaurant – Santiago, Chile

Santiago has always consistently featured in our top South American attraction sites. And now one more reason for foodies to visit the fast-rising Chilean Capital.

Borago comes in at 42nd and that is just deserved. Chef Rodolfo Guzman’s commitment to pick the wild halophytes and other unusual ingredients and uniquely combine them to create delicious dishes seems to finally be paying off big. And the vast hilly landscape of Chile helps gather the wild ingredients easily.Boragó Restaurant Santiago

Get a touch of the wild with an astounding taste at Borago restaurant in the heart of Santiago.

  1. Astrid y Gaston of the Gaston brand of Restaurants – Lima, Peru

Astrid y Gaston features fashionable Peruvian cuisines that beautifully blend tradition with modernity. Chef Gaston not only pioneered the restaurant that would rank 33rd worldwide, he also transformed the entire Peruvian contemporary cuisine. The typical dishes offered include ceviche and the Tirado of love. Additionally, Astrid y Gaston’s move to the historical San Isidro Hacienda shot up the already growing vibe of the Astrid y Gaston. Gaston now has a total of over 40 restaurants under his brand, all attempting to promote Peruvian cuisines and history.Gaston brand of Restaurants

  1. D.O.M. – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rock-star Alex Atala has put D.O.M. and Brazil on the world map by seamlessly combining Amazon basin’s wild ingredients with contemporary dining options, D.O.M. highlights slick native delicacies and sumptuous milk and popcorn puddings giving a scent only likable to cosmetic notes. All together portrays Atala’s use of the world-renowned ants.

The enigmatic restaurant also features a spacious dining hall with seamless services and soothing color themes. Feel the rocking essence at the Deo Optimo Maximo (D.O.M.), which translates to “To God, The Good, The Great”.D.O.M. in São Paulo

  1. Maido – Lima, Peru

Second of the three top restaurants in the  Lima region of Peru is as stylish and welcoming as its name sounds. The flagship restaurant serves an innovative menu with both Peruvian and Japanese tastes alongside a classic sushi counter. The colorful and spicy menu is compounded with a colorful ambiance that keeps you charmed all though your stay. No wonder Chef Tsumura’s star eatery climbs up to 2nd in the South American list and 8th worldwide. Absolutely worth a try!Maido Restaurant in Lima

  1. Central – Lima, Peru

Chef Virgilio Martinez has led from the front in making Lima a top attraction for foodies. He’s  made Central, well, central to all the restaurants in South America. With an immense variety of bio-diverse organic tastes, Central takes you through thrilling ride through over 17 courses.

Amazingly enough, in only his 30s Chef Virgilio has even been voted the best Chef in the Chef’s Choice Award. His sumptuous menu is furthermore well researched and reflects the wild ingredients of the Amazon and the sea. Enjoy mouthwatering ceviche with tasty exotic fruits and herbs in a luxurious ambiance.

No surprise therefore that Central is rated the best of the South American Restaurants and the 5th in the entire world.    Central Restaurant - Lima



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