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6 Things To Do on a Weekend Trip to Glacier National Park

Going to the Glacier National Park can be an overwhelming experience for first-time visitors. The area is so immense, covering over 1 million acres, with parts of two mountain ranges. Within this area, there are miles and miles of hiking trails, several campgrounds, and also some wide lakes and rivers.

With an area this huge, it might be challenging to fully appreciate its beauty, especially if you only have a weekend to do so. Don’t fret, however. There are some things you can do at the Glacier National Park to maximize your short stay. Here are some of them:

6. Travel through the Going-to-the-Sun Road

When going to the Glacier National Park, the only way you can take is the appropriately named Going-to-the-Sun Road. It is a scenic 53-mile road leading up to the Rocky Mountains, and is itself considered to be a National Historical Landmark. Every part of the road appears to be photogenic, lined with green trees and with a fantastic view of the mountain range. Just be careful with the narrow parts of the road, and be mindful that some parts of may be closed during winter time.

5. Conquer McDonald Creek

This creek might seem calm and tame from one side, but it can be treacherous in other parts. The melting snow in the high mountains of the Glacier National Part sometimes causes the waters of this chilly creek to rush like a powerful waterfall, so better be careful if you are in this area. Still, the creek is good for photos, and the calmer areas are ideal for fishing and boating.

4. Pitch a tent at the Fish Creek Campground

To fully experience nature at the Glacier National Park, you have to go camping. Among the biggest campsites in this natural wonder is the Fish Creek Campground, located at the western side of the park. This site is ideal for pitching tents or parking RVs, with lots of shade and space to ensure the comfort and privacy of campers. Fish Creek Campground also serves as the natural habitat of diverse species of birds and mammals, making campers really feel one with nature.

3. Go back to basics at Polebridge

Do you want to experience the simple life, away from the conveniences of technology? This small community to the south of the Canadian border offers that experience and more. Most of the structures here do not have stable technology, so prepare to go back to basics. Be sure to drop by the mercantile for rustic items and freshly-baked breads. During the 4th of July, a parade is held here that is worth witnessing too.

2. Hike on the Rocky Point Nature Trail

If you want a quick, leisurely and scenic hike at the Glacier National Park, this is the trail to take. The hike starts and ends right by the Fish Creek campground, and gives you fantastic views of the lake, mountain ranges and the lush greens in surrounding areas. The elevation does not go so high, so this trail is also ideal for families with kids.

1. Take a Dip on Lake McDonald

This immense lake is known to be the face of the Glacier National Park, as most pictures depicting the park features this beautiful water form. Lake McDonald is the largest one in the park, and is the center of activity in its west side. It was formed from massive glaciers thousands of years ago. Now, you can swim in the lake, or go on a boat tour to appreciate its picturesque surroundings. You can also do hiking activities around the lake, or spend the night in a rustic hunting lodge beside it.

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