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6 Reasons Why the Best Way to Explore Alaska is Through a Cruise

Traveling through an unknown country can get quite hectic if you are on foot or driving. But the same experience can be totally different if you choose a cruise line. The beauty of these ships is that they bring together all sorts of people for a luxurious vacation. Another good thing about cruise ships is that even if the destination does not excite you as much as you had hoped, the cruise experience will remain special forever.

A big advantage of cruise ships is that you can travel a vast distance over a relatively short period of time. One of the best destinations to explore in a cruise ship is Alaska. The vastness of the glaciers, the exotic wildlife, and the wilderness are best explored from the comforts of a cruise!

Travel comfortably

Veranda Room

Cruise ships offer two big advantages — ease and comfort. There is no better way to see Alaska, which can be easily described as having an unpredictable terrain. Cruise lines like Celebrity Cruise give you a chance to explore Alaska from ‘veranda rooms’. They offer more rooms with verandas than any other cruise line. Along with this, there are also multiple restaurants, bars and spas. As you feast your eyes on scenic Alaska, you will never be too far away from a cold beverage or a soothing massage.


See magnificent glaciers up close

Glacier View in Alaska


Alaskan Glacier

Alaska has some massive chunks of ice,  remnants of the Ice Age. These chunks are some of the biggest attractions of the state. Cruise ships can take you very close to these glaciers. You can capture the beauty and take unlimited photographs without even getting of the ship! You may even spot a chunk of ice breaking off and sliding down into the water!


See wildlife like never before

Alaskan Wildlife

Want to see a bear catching its prey? There is no better way to see this than from the veranda of a cruise. Alaska is a diverse state and you have the opportunity of taking in both marine and land wildlife. As the ship continues to sail along the coast, you can see wildlife like golden eagles, seagulls and pelicans. You can hear them fluttering their wings or squawking. You can also see jellyfish bob past you without a care in the world. And who can forget those cute sea otters? They are often seen floating on their backs. The bears keep wandering in and out of the forest, so you might even get to see one of them.


Cover great distances in short period of time

Alaskan Cruise


Alaskan Cruise

Alaska is a big state. It is four times bigger than California. Navigating the state on foot or car can be a total nightmare. There are many terrains where cars cannot even go through. This is where cruise ships shone. They make it possible for you to see a vast part of the state other tourists don’t get to see. Even a long road trip through the wilderness of Alaska won’t allow you to see this much.


Go gear-less

Exploring the Alaskan terrain

There are many parts of Alaska which are completely rugged in nature. Tourists traveling on land have to plan ahead and pack heavy gear. Then they have to  prepare for wading through remote Alaska for days on end. They have to carry things like tents, food, backpacks, etc. However, if you are on a cruise, you don’t need to pack any of those! The only things you will need are warm clothes.


An unmatched experience!

Vista Dining Room of Holland America Line


Relaxing in Alaskan Cruise


Dog Sled in Alaska


Each and every stop of a cruise ship boasts of some attraction or the other. You can view a completely rugged terrain or see a team of sled dogs. There is no doubt that if you want to explore Alaska in luxury, a cruise ship should be your choice of travel.

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