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Airplane Secrets: Inside the Pilots Sleeping Quarters you Don’t Know Exist

You may probably be living with the half-truth that only the passengers in a Boeing are entitled to some shut eye. That since you parted with some top dollars, the crew that serves you should work round the clock. Well sorry to disappoint you! There do exist Pilots Sleeping Quarters inside that airbus you are riding in.

You  didn’t know that, right? Actually it’s one of the Airplanes’ best kept secrets. The pilots actually spend up to half their time inside these hidden quarters.

We hereby attempt to uncover the highly secretive Pilots Sleeping Quarters where your lead flier could be snoozing when he is not shouting those weird code-words via the intercom.

Most are slipped behind the cockpit

Sleeping quarters mostly hidden behind Cockpits
Sleeping quarters mostly hidden behind cockpits

A number of Boeings and airbuses tuck the Pilots Sleeping Quarters just above the first class. Specifically, the location is just behind the cockpit. An example is this Boeing 777.

They are hence accessed via hidden stairs

Stairways to hidden Quarters
Stairways to hidden Quarters

The hidden Pilots Sleeping Quarters are thus accessed by the pilots via such hidden stairs or ladders such as this one here.

This one for example is typical business class

Business class pilot
Business class pilots rooms in Boeing 777s

It is found inside the Boeing 777s and here we have two business class seats with comfy beds behind them.  The room is a little clogged but still serves just fine.

 Some Pilots Sleeping Quarters are spacious and comfortable

Large and Comfy Resting Quarters
Large and Comfy Resting Quarters

Air Canada Boeing for example has Pilots Sleeping Quarters which look pretty wide and lavish. They also are fitted with draperies that ensure you are shielded from the sounds of the plane. It further has a telephone to call the relaxing pilot when need arises.

Others are even fitted with fully functional washrooms

Washroom in Pilots Sleeping Quarters
Washroom in Pilots Sleeping Quarters

The pilots’ privacy is additionally ensured with the fittings including an economy-class-type washroom. Their hygiene and waiting time are however more praiseworthy.

And even better, TV Sets

American Airline 777 adds in a TV Screen
American Airline 777 adds in a TV Screen

American Airlines 777 fits the Pilots’ resting places with TV screens. These are larger than the ones in the Economy-class areas. You can thereby catch up with the news as you wait for that precious sleep.

Air New Zealand 777 has this classy compartment for her Pilots

Air New Zealand 777 Pilot Compartment
Air New Zealand 777 Pilot Compartment

The Airline’s pilots sleeping quarters are just customary and simple. In essence it is designed with a standard layout of two seats adjacent to comfortable lie-flat beds.

Other Pilots Sleeping Quarters are not too spacious though

Lufthansa Airbus A380
Lufthansa Airbus A380

This one of the Lufthansa Airbus A380 for instance doesn’t quite replicate the expansiveness of the Boeing itself. It has just that one bed stacked in a corridor-size room.

Some are not so much private

Condor Airlines 767 Pilots
Condor Airlines 767 Pilots “secret” Room

Pilots in this Condor Airlines 767 slumber alongside the business class passengers. On the bright side though, you are hidden away by the curtains.

Other unlucky fliers won’t be able to lean back

LAN Boeing 787 Not-so-comfortable pilots sleeping Quarters
LAN Boeing 787 Not-so-comfortable pilot Rest Place

Pilots in LAN Boeing 787 don’t enjoy the luxury of reposing their chairs into sleep-friendly angles. They have no beds either, sorry! In the long run the sleep is only secondary for the pilots anyway.

Others are on the other hand fitted with luxury add-ons

Airbus A380 Pilots Sleeping Quarters
Singapore Airline Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 now finishes her Pilots Sleeping Quarters with a luxurious golden theme.  They also provide their fliers with satin pillows.



Images Via Business Insider


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