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The Best Beer From Each of the 50 US States Revealed

The annual best beer list of 2017 was recently compiled by RateBeer.com in honor of the National Beer Day. The craft-beer authority ranked the topmost beers from each and every one of the 50 states in the US.

The rating looks at the reviews from the home states over the last 12 months as well as their lifetime reviews. They therefore look at all the states alongside Washington D.C. in the latest listing.

Whether it is the Firestone Walker’s XX Anniversary Ale of California or Colorado’s Nightmare on Brett, here are the best brew products you need to look out for in your state.

  1. Connecticut

Bloomfield Liberator Beer

Connecticut’s Thomas Hooker Brewery at Bloomfield produces the richly done Liberator. It’s key highlight flavors include caramel as well as roast malt.

  1. Colorado

Crooked Stave
Nightmare on Brett

The red ruby Nightmare on Brett by Crooked Stave up i Denver tops the ranking in Colorado. This wild/sour ale style beer aged in whiskey barrels displays first-class craftwork.

  1. California

Firestone Walker
XX Anniversary Ale

With deep flavors of toffee and caramel, the rich brown XX Anniversary Ale is a deeply oak-aged beer from Firestone Walker as part of an annual winemakers’ competition. It is, needless to mention, the beer of choice by ale lovers in California.

  1. Arkansas’ Gold-winning Diamond Bear brewing’s Beer

Arkansas’ Pale Ale

The Pale Ale from Diamond Bear Brewing tops the list in Arkansas. The fruity ale of roasted earthly caramel malt and beautiful hops is a product of two years of hard work and persistence. The result is obviously an award-winning English-style brewery jewel from North Little Rock of Arkansas.

  1. Arizona – Superstition Coffee Beer

The Superstition Coffee Beer
The Superstition Coffee Ale

The local Superstition Coffee blended into  the classy ale lends it the sweet aroma. Furthermore the beer introduces vanilla into the interesting mix. Three S-es: Steep, superstitious and stout.

  1. Alabama

Unobtanium Beer Alabama

The winner in Alabama is the 6-month brewed – in a bourbon vessel – ale proudly named the Unobtanium. It is, to make matters more interesting, only released in very restricted basis. Alabama’s best by a mile.

  1. Alaska

Vintage Ale

Alaska’s Juneau releases the top vintage each year as a scarce version of the smoked porter. The dark brown American-style beer offers all the porter notes, plus smoke, while aging carefully in its dark bottle like wine. An adventuresome taste experience!

  1. Delaware

Dogfish Head
Palo Santo Marron

The winner in Delaware is the 12% ABV Palo Santo Marron from Dogfish Head. The strong American Ale ages wildly and coarsely in Paraguayan Palo Sato wood vessels to give a richly boozy dark brown beer. Oh and just so you know, Palo Santo translates for “holy tree.” The craft is absolutely magnificent to say the very least.

  1. Florida

Funky Buddha
Morning Wood

As if maturing in bourbon vessels is not enough, Funky Buddha’s Morning wood has the a touch of smooth of maple syrup, fresh roast coffee and bacon. These alongside the smoky taste it acquires from the barrels. It is therefore the imperial version of Porter’s Maple Bacon Coffee. Beer for breakfast, anyone?

  1. Georgia

Creature Comforts
Tropicália Ale

Tropicalia is RateBeers.com’s winner for the state of Georgia. The rating is largely because of its fruity and specifically citrusy hearts. The ale contains the deliciousness of orange soda and grapefruits as the most notable exquisite notes.  The IPA-style creation of Athen’s Creature Comforts is above all balanced and soft ale with a dominant fruit-forward taste.

  1. Hawaii

Coconut Hiwa Porter Beer
Coconut Hiwa Porter

The beachy fun-loving state presents to us the Coconut Hiwa Porter as its very best. The hearty strong American Ale has blends rich notes such as dark malt and chocolate with a hint of coconut and mocha. You may have a taste of the robust Porter beer at Maui Brewing Co.’s tasting room down in Kihei.

  1. Idaho

Grand Teton Doppelbock
Double Vision

Double Vision doppelbock takes Idaho. Its most perceptible notes are caramel and cocoa. Grand Teton Brewing struck this dark brown master class back in 2009 and the success has been astounding. Take care not to succumb to double vision though.

  1. Illinois

Bourbon County Barleywine Beer
Barleywine Ale

The best beer in Illinois goes to Goose Island’s Bourbon County Barleywine Ale that ages smoothly in Kentucky bourbon barrels. It is also touched with unique but fresh hints of tobacco, oak and vanilla. Barleywine is most notably enriched with emblematic bourbon heat from the barrels. The style is traditional English.

  1. Indiana

Three Floyd's Zombie Dust Beer
Zombie Dust

Zombie Dust Beer by Three Floyds Brewing is not as scary as it sounds (and looks). The 6.2% ale takes some undertone citrus hops and combines it with the mysterious Zombie dust. Relive the fun times with peers as you drain down this torrential respite to the Zombie apocalypse.

  1. Iowa

Toppling Goliath

Toppling Goliath of Decorah makes the top-rating Pseudosue. The smooth IBA with a moderate 5.8% concentration is simply addictive and bright with just the right balance.

  1. Kansas

Tallgrass Brewing Company
Wooden Rooster

From Kansas State comes the magically brewed Wooden Rooster. This addictive pint is coolly-aged in traditional whiskey barrels to leave you with the oaky taste. Wooden Rooster is made courtesy of Tallgrass Brewing Company of Manhattan.

  1. Kentucky

Against the Grain Brewing
35K Stout

The leader in Kentucky is the 35K Stout Beer from Against the Grain Brewing Company, which is touted as tasting more like liquid chocolate and milk than a typical beer. The notes including smoothly dark-roasted malt and bittersweet cocoa are blended seamlessly in sweetness of chocolate and milk.

  1. Louisiana

Irish Channel Stout

The seasonal Irish channel Stout by NOLA takes Louisiana. The classic American-style stout is a big hit in New Orleans and has the intense flavors of chocolate and caramel. The smooth rich and dark ale is also deliciously infused with espresso as the final complement.

  1. Maine

Maine Brewing Company
Maine IPA

Maine Beer Company’s Lunch is the best from Maine. Why? Well, simple, it is East coast’s answer to West Coast IPA. The sumptuous ale further has in it citrus and pine as the key flavors.

  1. Maryland

StillWater Artisanal Citra
Gose Gone Wild

Maryland is taken by Gose Gone Wild from Stillwater Artisanal. The tart flavors give for the high palatability and immeasurable crispness.  Better still, the opulent ale has large amounts of Citra and Amarillo and smaller alcohol percentages.

  1. Massachusetts

Tree House Brewing Co.
Easy-to-drink Julius

Monson’s  Tree House Company came up with the leading Julius which is described as ‘easy to drink’ by raters at RateBeer.com. It has welcome hints of passion fruit, citrus and mango thus making it soft and smooth to taste.  The light and fun beer is further cheerful and hoppy to always keep the enchantment at fever pitch.

  1. Michigan

Backwoods Bastard Beer
Backwoods Bastard

Backwoods Bastard stands out among the star-studded Founders brewery at Grand Rapids. The scotch barrels give the  delicious coconut, vanilla and bourbon accords accompanying the year-long aged ale. The beer is heavy-style brewed in the complex barrels for 12-month wait.

  1. Minnesota

Surly Brewing
The Axe Man

The Axe man is meant to be heavy but thanks to the tropical and citrus, it comes as light and bright.  The ale by Surly Brewing Company further infuses an explosion of hops into the already interesting mix.

  1. Mississippi

SPB Jack the Sipper
Jack the Sipper

SPB’s Jack the Sipper is comic English-style bittersweet ale depicting everything English. The Southern Prohibition Brewery craftsmen combine exciting English malts and hops to come up with a deliciously crafted dark glass of beer.

  1. Missouri

Side Project Brewery
Fuzzy Beer

Fuzzy beer takes the crown in Missouri.  The Side Project Brewery’s masterstroke as such exposes a refreshing tropical taste with a hint of sweet fruity notes in this aged Wild American ale.

  1. Montana

Big Sky Brewing
Olde Bluehair Barleywine

Big Sky Brewing Company’s Olde Bluehair Barleywine only gets better as it matures, similar to an actual wine. The winey taste is even made better by the sweet flavors of honey, apricot and hints of vanilla. Hmm! Yummy!

  1. Nebraska

Melange A Trois

Melange A Trois by Nebraska Brewing Company in Papillion is the first in their reserve series that comes as a Belgian-style blonde ale with a lovely Chardonnay taste. It is as much sensual as it is sexual and romantic. The classic and classy ale comes in a sophisticated wine-like bottle that complements the enigmatic pint.

  1. Nevada

Joseph James
Citra Rye Pale Ale

Enriched with juicy gooseberry, passion and lychee, Citra Rye Pale Ale soothes and enlightens you with its brightness. The well-kept product from Joseph James Brewing company combines Citra and Rye alongside the other key notes seamlessly to give this intense class act.

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire
Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Inc is the very best there is in New Hampshire and it surely is that good. The cousin to the Portsmouth Baltic Porter is enriched with malty sweetness of caramel, toffee and toast as well as licorice flavors. These therefore open to you a world to a complex boozy alcohol with the universal Baltic-style.

  1. New Jersey – Best IPA

Hoppy Kane Brewing
Head High

The Indian Pale Ale business is booming with worldwide interest and Kane Brewing only had to join the fray. The best part of the intense ale is its combination of four different hops to give fruity ale with an additional rich pine note balance. Head High is the absolute taste experience.

  1. New Mexico

Get Elevated with La Cumbre
La Cumbre’s Elevated

Elevated by La Cumbre, which translates from Spanish to ‘the summit,’ is the beer of choice from New Mexico. The 7.2% ABV ale is a clean and natural flagship beer from La Cumbre brand. Get elevated with this tasty tipple.

  1. New York

Ommegang’s Abbey Ale

The Abbey Ale by Ommegang doesn’t please everyone with the chocolate and licorice taste. However, the richness of flavors in the brilliant ale is most definitely worth a taste.

  1. North Carolina

Fuchsia Colored Medora Beer
Wicked Weed’s Medora

Medora is blackberry sour bright ale with a refreshing taste of raspberry. The highly rated beer by Wicked Weed is said to blow you away on first try. It further gives a delightful aftertaste.

  1. North Dakota

Iron Horse Pale Beer
Iron Horse Pale Ale

Iron Horse Pale Ale is the topper over in North Dakota. The Fargo Brewing product infuses the floral aromas with grapefruit. These give a moderate ale with a 5% Alcohol by Volume for both the lovers and otherwise of hops.

  1. Ohio

Tower Tuesday
Infusion A Coffee Porter

Infusion A Coffee Porter takes the day in Ohio. The Akron Brewery creation incorporates heavy chocolate and vanilla tastes with a hint of peanuts.

  1. Oklahoma

American Solera Beer
Foeder Cerise

An uncommon blend of sour cherry and cinnamon notes, Foeder Cerise comes as American Wild ale from Tusla. The smooth golden ale mixes brettanomyces yeast with other cultures and ages them softly for up to six months. What you come up with is a product with a rich taste and Brett funk.

  1. Oregon

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
Adam From the Wood

Adam from the Wood is a boozy ale from Hair of the Dog Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. It is the standout brew from the state with a 7-year ageing period giving only the very best. The smooth scotchy ale comes in different appearances ranging from dark to really bright.

  1. Pennsylvania

Hazy Tired Hands
Pineal IPA

Though it looks rushed and carelessly crafted, Pineal IPA by Tired Hands Brewing Company unites a rich array of fresh fruits. The hazy outside surface doesn’t say so much about the tastes inside.

  1. Rhode Island

Del’s Shandy

The beater here is Del’s Shandy by Narragansett which is as refreshing as it appears. The bright lemony taste with a low ABV content also incorporates sweet vegetables into the brew mix.

  1. South Carolina

The Westbrook Gose

The German-style The Westbrook Gose by Westbrook Brewing leads the way in South Carolina. It is a sour mix of coriander and salt which is really really refreshing regardless.

  1. South Dakota

Crow Peak
Pile-O-Dirt Porter

Pile-O-Dirt by Crow Peak is as rich as it looks. It is as such a dark blend of roast cocoa and coffee with an alcohol content of just 6%.

  1. Tennessee

Smoked Farmhouse Beer
From Tennessee With Smoke

The name of the best ale here is actually ‘From Tennessee with Smoke’ and the implication is obvious. The Walland and Evil Twin collaboration is a smoked ale directly from the farm house.

  1. Texas

Austin-based Sour Fruit Beer
Atrial Rubicite

Austin-based Atrial Rubicite is a barrel-aged sour ale composed of sumptuous fruit notes. These include several hundred pounds of raspberries giving a rich colored, rich tasting and charming beer.

  1. Utah

 Labyrinth Black Beer
Labyrinth Black Ale

The licorice and chocolate tasting Labyrinth Black ale is a dark and rich drink, aged smoothly in cultured barrels. To taste it at its best,  the Uinta Brewing Company’s Quadruple black beer has to be served to you cold.

  1. Vermont

Hill Farmstead

“Juicy” is the very best in Vermont. Hill Farmstead’s light and refreshing creation is made out of the very best mimosa flavors around. Its ABV kicks at 7.4%.

  1. Virginia

Gingerbread Beer
Gingerbread Stout

Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout is not only the best in Virginia. It is also the true party ale with the Christmas feelings all year long. The sweet flavors include gingerbread, cinnamon and nutmeg. The aftertaste is rather pleasant too.

  1. Washington

The Abominable

Abominable is the “B-Bomb” of the Washingtoners. It is smokingly barrel-aged in bourbon vessels and then flavored with dark chocolate, smoky wood, vanilla and warm spices. It comes in a refreshing wine-like bottle further underlining the commitment to produce the very best.

  1. Washington DC

Forbidden Planet

Bluejacket’s Forbidden Planet is enriched with lovely aromas of passion fruit, peach and thick mango flavors. The Kolsch is inspired by unique hops from Australia.

  1. West Virginia

Zack Morgan’s IPA

Zack Morgan IPA from Morgantown Brewing comes as a ripe citrus taste. It is moreover enriched with such hops as Cascade and Columbus. The bright and light appearance makes the smooth West Virginia ale even better.

  1. Wisconsin

Happy Accident Fruit Ale

Serendipity is actually described by New Glarus Brewing Company as a ‘Happy Accident Fruit Ale’. The mystery surrounds the  unexpected cherry bottom product by Dan Carey that blends apples, cranberries and – of course – cherries.

  1. Wyoming

Melvin IPA

Melvin IPA by Wyoming Brewing Company that lives ‘life to the emptiest’ is an absolute blast of fresh citrus. The bright beer also infuses juicy tropical fruit accords.



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