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France's newly appointed Prime minister

Spectacular photos of the lavish abodes of 12 world leaders

You all know the White House, right? Lavish home of the world’s most powerful man; and the leader of the free world. But where do the other world leaders reside, are they as luxurious as the Oval Office or could they even be much better?

From the Buckingham Palace housing her imperial majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Presidential Palace of Hanoi in Vietnam, these are the 20 astounding photos of the lavish dwelling places of the world’s most powerful people.

  1. The Lavish Vaduz Castle – Liechtenstein

Lavish Vaduz Castle Liechtenstein
Lavish Vaduz Castle Liechtenstein

His Royalty the Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein resides in a ravishing castle hoisted atop a hill in Vaduz. The castle is mostly closed to the public (for obvious reasons) except during the National day on August 15. Only then are guests allowed to mingle in the enchanting castle with royalty from Liechtenstein and around the world. If you can then make a date this summer to tour one of the most exquisite royal houses in Europe.

  1. Presidential Palace Of Hanoi – Vietnam

Lavish Presidential Palace of Hanoi

Built in 1906, the magnificent regal home now only serves for official receptions for the Vietnamese President. However, the reputation it has built itself over time since housing the Governor General of Indochina over a century ago is well deserved.

The French-designed pond wrapping  all way round the lavish abode gives a hint of Europe.French-designed pond

  1. The Lavish Palacio da Alvorada in Brasilia – Brazil

Magical Palácio da Alvorada

Located on the banks of Lake Paranoa, Palacio da Alvorada has housed all the presidents of Brazil since 1956. It is magically suspended on the lake, showing off  some of the most delicate modern day architecture. Further, the lavish domicile features a shimmering swimming pool just lying beyond artistic sculptures by the local favorite Alfredo Ceschiatti.

Palácio da Alvorada amazing Interiors

The interiors don’t disappoint any bit either. The private rooms, the colossal living room, kitchen and auditorium are beautifully finished with some of the loveliest artworks.  And the illumination inside the lavish Brazilian royal home is absolutely sparkly.

  1. Presidential Complex – Ankara, Turkey

Lavish Presidential Complex – Ankara, Turkey

The palatial Presidential White Palace in Turkey currently hosts President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. And what a lucky man he is! The 1,100-room palace (more rooms than the White House) could be the most lavish abode right now.

The Complex, elevated onto a forested hilltop, has become known as the AK Saray and is thought to have cost $ 615 million.

  1. Imperial Palace of Japan

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Sitting in the heart of Tokyo and surrounded by thick stone walls, the Imperial Palace of Japan hosts Emperor Akihito. The lavish palace is located inside a vast park and on what was previously the Edo Castle. The palace was furthermore valued to be worth more than all the real estate in California.

Let’s just leave it there and say the Palace is simply a thing of pure beauty. Oh and the park also hosts an archive and a Museum.

  1. The lavish Quirinal Palace – Rome, Italy

Quirinal Palace in Rome

Roman architecture is on itself gorgeous enough. But what if the architectural design is meant for the highest ranked monarchs of Rome? Any words used here will be an understatement.

Moreover, the Quirinal Palace has not only been home to 12 Italian Presidents, but also to 30 Popes and 4 former kings. It is also an incredible 20 times larger than the white house! Are you impressed yet?

Quirinal Palace Art Exhibitions

The Gothic edifice of the 1500s is, best of all, now open to the public thanks to President Sergio Mattarella. Oh, I forgot to mention the 1,200-room structure also houses classic art exhibitions.

  1. Neoclassical Bellevue Palace – Berlin, Germany

Bellevue Palace

Standing strong from 1785, the medieval Bellevue hasn’t lost a dime of elegance ever since. And it now hosts President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The lively vast green front yard opens you to a neoclassical piece of genius; a worthy appreciation of German design.

  1. Palais de l’Elysee – Paris, France

Palais de l’Élysée

Another of neoclassical, medieval European architecture and standing since the 18th Century, the Elysee Palace is residence to French Presidents. The current occupant is, obviously, President Emmanuel Macron.

The old-fashioned but extremely lavish structure is extensive and quietly shouting sophistication from the moment you set foot on the flawless sand.

Conference Hall Palais de l'Elysee

The interiors are luxuriously furnished with dripping gold and other incredible details. This conference hall is where Presidents are inaugurated.

Palais de l’Élysée golden room

The President’s Office (the ‘golden room’) is literally a room in cheerful gold. Everything here is gold from the lamp holders to the rails on the table.

  1. Fortified Kremlin Complex and the Lavish Senate Building– Moscow, Russia

Moscow's Kremlin Complex

The fortress inside Moscow hosts not only the Presidents of Russia but also five more palatial palaces and four cathedrals. The complex is further the home to the top executives of the Russian Government. As such it deserves the highest of accolades as “the fort city inside a city.” The Complex has a rich history back to the 14th century.

Senate Building In Kremlin Complex

Inside the Complex is the Senate Building, the  majestic residence inside which the president actually stays. The medieval edifice is so beautifully covered in soft orange and white paintings. A simply astonishing sight!

  1. British Prime Minister’s lavish residence – UK

British Primier's Lavish Home

PM Theresa May and her  husband reside in a classic abode at 10 Downing Street in London. The lovely dwelling has a rich British architecture punctuating its rather quiet nature. Number 10 located in Westminster is the headquarters of the UK government and the PM’s home since 1905. It has up to 100 rooms and is  over 300 years old.

  1. Buckingham Palace – London, UK

Lavish Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth II’s current home has been a monarchical home since the early 19th Century. The sophistication and richness of its lavish history is clear as soon as you step on its perimeters. The astonishing royal home comes in the form of a medieval gated city that opens to the elegance of the British culture. You may even decide to secure an aerial view of the magical palace to really appreciate the complexity.

Buckingham Palace Elegant Interiors

Or maybe ground-tour of the 775 rooms including 52 royal bedroom, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.

  1. The White House – Washington DC, USA

The Oval Room

The most powerful man on earth stays in the most popular presidential residence on earth. But exactly how good is the White House? Well the two-and-a-half century old Presidential workplace has several spacious bedrooms, living rooms, administration rooms, conference rooms and studies.

Most important though is the Oval office. Here’s where President Trump meets foreign dignitaries, diplomats and staff. The Oval Office is such a household name it’s known the world over thanks largely to Hollywood blockbusters. How about a tour of the actual Oval Office.

White House Dining Rooms

The White house has a presidential dining room as well as one meant for foreign dignitaries who come visiting. Both are golden and absolutely exquisite.



Images by Business Insider

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