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Medellin's Cobblestone Streets
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14 Reasons Why Medellin, Columbia is Officially the Best Destination in South America

Only until recently known as home to the world’s most fearsome drug lord – Pablo Escobar – Medellin has undergone the ultimate transformation and now sits atop the prestigious list of the best destinations in South America.

The impressive transport systems across the city, coupled with its magnificent architecture (and improved security)c have served to turn Medellin’s fortunes around a great deal.

Especially fascinating though is the rich culture and history of the impressionistic Medellin.

Here are the top 14 reasons why Medellin was recently named South America’s No. 1 destination.  Keep scrolling to see why you must process that visa as soon as possible.

  1. Because the Second Largest Colombian City lies in the Populous Valle de Aburra

Medellin City lies on the Aburra Valley of the Medellin River, a valley lined with gorgeous peaks and formerly inhabited by the Aburreans. Immense sights to behold and rich cultures to feel part of.

Matching the wild of the forested mountainous outskirts with the upbeat lifestyle of the metropolis gives a uniquely complex atmosphere.

  1. Medellin’s temperature is always on-point

Temperatures in the vast metropolis in a valley rarely go below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This means a warm, spring climate all year round. Just the perfect settings for the guys tired of living in scotching summer heat or the polar ice.

  1. The Upgraded Subways

Getting around the city has been eased immensely. You can hit the improved subways aboard gorgeous trains and view all the magnificence of the beautifully forested countryside. This while you explore all the easily accessible corners of the city.

  1. …And the Metro Cables

Alternatively, get aboard metro cable cars towards the favelas and get a short flight feel in these modest genius works. The Medellin gondola system created in the early 21st century came as immense relief to the low-class neighborhoods in the favelas wishing to access the city center.

  1. A ride across Medellin in the picturesque Chiva Buses

The Magnificent ‘goat’ buses are painted with the colors of the Colombian flag. Get on board and feel the pride of the Colombian people as you ride around the City gloriously. The bus is further a clear manifestation of Medellin’s rich history of music and dance.

Furthermore, visit during the holidays and you’ll be part of a let-loose Chiva Bus Party. Drink some rum, shout your lungs out and shake some hips as the Chiva takes you on a bumpy ride down the cobblestone streets alongside party-loving company. You’ll be really lucky to get a portion of the sitting bench while on board.

  1. Astonishing artworks at the Botero Square

Head down to Botero square for a glimpse of Medellin’s rich art culture. There, you meet amazing sculptures by the local sensation Fernando Botero. Better still the square offers spacious relaxing and photo shooting locations to capture the intense beauty gracing your presence.

  1. Museo de Antioquia – Medellin’s Art museum

The museum just behind the Botero Square is only the second art museum in the country. The Art Center in the heart of Medellin City was built in the likeness of a Gothic edifice with inspiration from the 16th century Spanish designs.

Amid the highlights are the creative artworks from Botero himself among other local sensations like Pedro Nel Gomez and others.

  1. Because of the lively Park of Lights

The magnificently luminous park is one of the busiest places in the Medellin’s bustling Metropolis. Tour the extensive park in the evenings and feel the glow that represents the hope and light for the once corrupt and crime-ridden city.

  1. Shopping on the Medellin’s Street-sides

You may also decide to shop and snack at the numerous street-side stalls. Feel the personal lifestyle of the friendly locals as you interact with them and get caught in the shopping frenzy.

  1. Trek up the cobblestone streets to picturesque houses

Walk the cobbled streets of the hilly Medellin City corridors and witness the most impressive of constructions around. The streets are a thing of beauty and history. And the homes, well dreamily and brightly multicolored to feast your eyes and offer perfect photo locations.

  1. A short Trip to Pueblito Paisa

This little town that sits on the Cero Nutibarra is typical of the area’s edifices recreated from the late 19th century works.

It iincludes famous sculptures that are an interesting blend of antique and modernity. Key among them is the sculpture of Cacique Nutibarra. Additional attractions include the traditional stone fountain, the church and its rectory.

Atop the small town of the Antiquenos, you can view the busting city of Medellin on one end and the beautiful surrounding mountains on the other.

  1. Guatape Town on the outskirts of Medellin

The small and pretty resort town to the Northwest of Columbia is home to the most colorful sculptures and buildings. It is interestingly only a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Medellin City; but it is home to all the magic around Medellin.

You may also fellowship with other Christians at the outstanding Church of Our Lady of Carmen. Or just take a walk in and around the magnificent house of God.

  1. Climb to the top of El Penon de Guatape

Often referred to as ‘The Rock’, Piedra del Penon has over 600 interweaving steps all the way up to its peak. The 10-million tons granite rock offers you sweeping views of the spectacular outline of Guatape. Needless to mention, the extensive rough terrain of Guatape is absolutely a sight to behold.

‘The rock’ is further covered in the greens of the wild that additionally offer astounding sights.

  1. The Parque Explora Aquarium and Museum

For the guys in love with indoor lifestyles, here’s one for you. View all the wonders of the waters including fishes of all kinds and colors at the largest freshwater aquarium in Latin America. Also get to witness dinosaurs – no, not real ones, sorry! Just magnificent exhibitions of their outstanding sculptures. The snakes, frogs and turtles at the terrarium are real though.

Finally, wind up your tour at the Parque Explora science and technology Museum in Medellin and activate your intellectual sense.



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