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8 Heart-stopping Adventures in Dubai for All the Daredevils

Dubai is famed world over for the posh malls, lavish dining options and pimped-out restaurants. Yeah, that’s easy for everyone to see. But what if we told you the luxurious Dubai is also home to some of the gutsiest adventures in the whole world? You wouldn’t agree, right? Well, you need to read through this and maybe you will change your mind.

Dubai, true to its form, entails a whole load of adventure attractions that will keep you really busy. From a thrilling para-motoring surge above the extensive deserts to an insane 13,000-feet skydive above the Dubai Marina, the daredevils have an array of interesting – to say the least – adventures to choose from in the ambitious UAE Metropolis.

We list for you the most daredevil experiences that make Dubai the unofficial adventure Capital of the Middle East.

8. Experience the panorama of the City atop Burj Khalifa

As if a sky-bound elevator ride to the 125th floor, lying 1500 feet above the earth’s surface, wasn’t enough, wait until you reach the actual top of the world tallest sky-scraper. Go up to level 148 at 1,820-feet and view the astonishing city landscape at an unbelievable height. You won’t be able to see any cars or humans down there, just the astounding beauty of Dubai architecture.

All in all the views from the Burj Khalifa are simply spectacular. You will feel on top of the world.

7. Cage-diving Adventures alongside Sharks in the Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium is already incredible enough viewed from the outside. But what if those of you courageous enough would wish to take the thrill-factor a notch higher? Maybe shark dive into the 10-million-liter blue water and swim alongside the blood-thirsty sea predators.

You don’t even need any certifications for this, just an overdrive of guts!

A little better, though, is the option for cage snorkeling into the shark territory inside a Shark Scooter – your personalized ‘submarine’.

6. Paddle-board gliding adventures in the waters of the Gulf

If you think kiting is amateur and shark-diving too extreme, then how does stand-up paddle-boarding sound? In company of committed trainers, you get to feel the glide through the turquoise water in no time.

The paddle-boarding is simply one of the most thrilling and addictive adventures in Dubai. Once you become a pro, you may even consider entering competitions with friends.

5. Helicopter rides above the scenic Dubai

There’s no better way of appreciating the spectacular outline of the postmodern Dubai than from the aerial viewpoint. While this is possible from the Burj Khalifa, you’ll only get to view a limited area. Get aboard a guided helicopter to tour over the astonishing man-made Islands like the incredible Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Creek. A view of the Dubai Mall from above is also astounding.

The 15-minute to 1-hour aerial tours will allow you view all the interesting spots in the spectacular city.

4. Power Paragliding over the deserts

Paramotor several feet above the expansive Dubai desert – in a Power-Paraglider from SkyHub Dubai – if you are daring enough. The thrill-filled adventure will have your heart racing. You can also view the colonies of gazelles racing through the desert sands, but only if you are tough enough!

3. Snowboarding adventures in Ski Dubai

You can snowboard right in the center of the hot-as-hell Dubai. The wintry indoor megaplex in the Mall of Emirates is fitted with – not one, not two, not three, not four, but an incredible five snowy slopes. Hit the slopes inside the incredible 242,000 sq feet space on your skis or snowboards.

Most noteworthy, the Ski Dubai offers the typical Alps experience, right in the center of the city. In addition to skiing, you also get to enjoy fun adventures as wall climbing, “zorbing” and “turbing.”

2. Ride in a hot air balloon over the deserts

If you are the kind who enjoys vacation time in the deserts then you maybe should get in touch with Platinum Heritage Luxury Tours and Safari. The award winning desert adventures brand will most definitely take you through the experience of a lifetime in the deserts.

You most of all enjoy a hot air balloon Safari above the deserts – 4000 feet above it as you witness the amazing landscape of the wild. The tour package furthermore involves stylish expeditions in a classic Land Rover, a falconry tour and delicious breakfast.

1. Heart-stopping Skydiving Adventures with Skydive Dubai

How does an unrestrained 120-mph fall from 13,000-feet sound? Crazy enough or no thanks? I’ll go with no thanks!  But if that fits your level of crazy, you can head to Skydive Dubai and hoist yourself 13,000 feet over Dubai Marina and then let off the jet for the excruciating free-fall. The packages involves video coverage so you can show the guys back home how much you’ve lost your mind.

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