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Narrow Falls In Lauterbrunnen
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26 Startling Photos That Will Unquestionably Lure You to Switzerland

Most famous for the majestic Swiss Alps with incredible snowy peaks, Switzerland is home to some of the most unbelievable natural scenery in Europe. This compensates for its tiny and landlocked self.

From the gushing waterfall views to magical peaks and medieval quarters, Switzerland offers you a diverse array of attractions and activities.

Switzerland is divided into three separate regions – French, German and Italian – and as such is a showcase of cultural diversity.

Here are some of the sights and attractions you must not miss while on your excursion through the Swiss Confederation.

Appenzell – Northeastern Switzerland

A walk through the streets of Appenzell feels like time travel back the most gracious historical times. The sights include beautifully painted structures such as the Parish Church – the 1563 town hall. The Salesis house and the ruins of Castle Clanx and more antique structures will keep you enthralled.

 Impeccably clean Zurich

Zurich offers plenty of pristine views that will keep you impressed all through your walking tour through the city. It is home to colorful buildings and lies on the banks of Lake Zurich and Limmat River. The well-kept modern city is predominantly German-speaking and thus a showcase of the rich German style.

Efficient and exemplary transport system

Switzerland is known for one of the best public transport networks in the whole world. All the destinations are smoothly interlinked with modern rails and roads networks and this means easy access to absolutely everywhere in the country via cozy trains and buses.

Lucerne City – home to the Kapellbrucke

Lucerne City brings together an impossible combination of high Mountains, a turquoise water lake and a complex city skyline. It blends old and new in an interesting manner. The unique city is diverse and ancient with baroque squares and sacred church buildings. But most of all it is home to the world-renown Chapel Bridge.

You get to paddle down to Reuss River and get to check out the world’s oldest covered wooden bridge with historical paintings dating back to the 17th century.

Peak-View at Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa region offers immensely rich views of snowy peaks.  Most noteworthy is the highest peak in the whole of the Swiss Confederation – Dufourpitze.  This border region with Italy is a must-see area for several enchanting activities mountainside.

This is perfectly complemented by the world-class ski resort at Zermatt where hikers find base during warmer seasons.

Matterhorn Peaks

You can’t wade through the Alps without visiting the most majestic peak in Switzerland – the Matterhorn Peaks. These offer mindless magic of snow-kissed mountain stretch coupled with cool waters. Enjoy an exhausting but worth-the-while climb of the mountain.

St. Moritz Resort

Take a glacial train ride down to St. Moritz Resort filled with resplendent hotels offering high-class cuisines. Especially relevant is the fondue – a classic Swiss dish featuring a pot of melted cheese in which bread, meat or veggies are dipped. The hotels also offer simply world-class concierge services.

Furthermore, St. Moritz is home to the Olympic ice rink, making it the Swiss equivalent of Aspen.

Interlaken – Home of breathtaking paragliding

This resort town is adventurous, offering fun activities highlighted by thrill-filled paragliding. Nestled into a valley and between Lakes Thun and Lake Brienz, the town is a dazzling scenery with amazingly green forest cover.

Rhine Falls – Rhine River

Rhine Falls are the largest falls in the whole of Europe and the very best experienced on board a boat. Witness the natural force of water downstream as you enjoy ‘you-time’ off at the countryside.

City of Basel

The City of Basel is home to some of the most picturesque buildings in Switzerland, set in narrow streets. Most noteworthy is the Gothic cathedral that dates back to the 1100s and hosts the grave of the famous Dutch scholar Erasmus.

Annual Carnival at Basel

In addition, Basel plays host to the largest annual Carnival in Switzerland. Here people dressed in crazy masks and colorful costumes serenade the streets with song and dance and all manner of confetti.

Staubach Falls – Lauterbrunnen

The narrow waterfall flowing almost 1,000 feet through mountain crevices and dropping onto cliffs hanging over the Lutschine River is the other breathtaking sight of the Alps with unpredictable topography and magic waters.

Jungfraujoch – ‘Top of Europe’

Just a few miles off Lauterbrunnen, a cog railway takes you to the Jungfraujoch, a peak that hosts the Aletsch Glacier. This is the highest altitude railway station in the whole of Europe, a viewpoint that could best be described as the top of Europe. Streams of airy snow blow smoothly across your face, almost taking away your breath away atop this nerve-racking peak.

Geneva – UN & Red Cross Headquarters

Settled seamlessly on Lake Geneva and boasting of infinite French panache, Geneva is a renowned world-class city in Switzerland’s Center, the headquarters to both the United Nations and the Red Cross. The city is just as flamboyant as its status demands. From the éclat culture to the delicious foods and exquisite restaurants, you have it all in Geneva.

Medieval Lausanne

Headquarters to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Lausanne in Switzerland is home to the Olympic Museum. Here there is a showcase of the rich history of the International Olympics association. The historic French-speaking city also nourishes your vision with architecture from era of the Roman Empire.

Chateau de Chillon – Montreux

Montreux hosts the gorgeous sight of the isolated island castle – Chateau de Chillon – whose history dates back to the 12th century. Set against a backdrop of bluish peak views and evergreen vegetation, the castle is simply a sight to behold.

Attractions in the Abbey of St. Gall – St. Gallen City

The Gothic abbey is one of the oldest cathedrals, dating back to the 8th century, and boasting one of the most ancient libraries in Switzerland and the world.  The library stores some of the most important manuscripts remaining across the entire world. Its interior décor is pure splendor of mahogany.

Bern – Switzerland’s Capital

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites listing, Bern has an immense wealth of culture and magnificent historic buildings. These have captivated visitors into Switzerland since Johann Wolfgang visited in 1779. Moreover the Swiss capital hosts diplomats and high-state visitors who are treated excellently to the frantic Bernese city life.


The Zytglogge in Bern is a world famous Clock tower dating back to the 1250s. It has served several purposes including a guard tower and prison, and is another key attraction in the city.

Lugano Town – Italian Region

Set against a milieu of beautifully forested mountainous terrain, Lugano Town unravels the magic of Italian civilization on a glacial countryside.

Monte Generoso

Trek down to the Monte Generoso in the outskirts of Lugano and have boundless hiking fun as well as an immaculate view of Lugano itself and its lake.

Locarno – Italian Region

Tour the incredible Santuario Della Madonna Del Sasso in Lucarno. This has been hallowed ground for vacationers since the 15th century, displaying numerous artworks characteristic of the town. Its setting on Lake Maggoire makes Lucarno an awesome beach destination.

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