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22 Incredible Aerial Views of the People’s Republic of China

You already know China has the largest population on earth. But do you know that it is also the second largest – geographically – in Asia, and the third on Earth after only Russia and Canada? Yeah, I thought not!

Such an expanse of population and landmass is best discovered aerially and that’s what Reuters is very best at.  We therefore explore with you some of the best aerial shots of the incredibly populous republic that encompasses some of the best landscapes.

Here are the 22 best aerial photos that capture the immensity of the Asian powerhouse perfectly.

  1. Drying Red Chili in Xinjiang Uighur

Red Chili In Xinjiang Uighur
Red Chili In Xinjiang Uighur

Red chili is harvested and sundried all over the vast fields of Bohu County of Xinjiang. An aerial view of the drying chilies is one sight worth watching.

  1. Enormous rice fields outside Shanghai

China In Rice
China In Rice

While inside the metropolis, you can never imagine the greens of the outskirts. However, a short helicopter trip out from  of the dense city and you meet the vast rice-cultivated fields. This is such a welcome relief from the busy and exhausting life within the city.

  1. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy – Dengfeng City, Henan Province

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in Dengfeng
Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in Dengfeng

View aerially as oceans of eager learners – young and old – sharpen their martial arts skills on the vast Academy’s grounds. The parades are absolutely astonishing to watch from a top; an organized sea of red with white patches.

  1. Qingming and Tomb Sweeping Festivals of China

Qingming Festival
Qingming Festival

You can as well fly over Fuzhou in Jiangxi and experience the sights of multitudes burn what they call Joss Money to the ancestors at a public Cemetery. The hundreds of thousands gather to set the ghost money on fire while they pray to the ancestors at the crematoriums. The prayers could be for rain, crops, or any other needs they wish to communicate to the spirits. The aerial sight is just amazing.

  1. Cherry Blossom Plantations in Guizhou Province – China

Cherry Blossom of China
Cherry Blossom of China

See the pristine cherry blossoms flood the entirety of Gui’an New district. The cherry blossom covers almost the whole regions outside the Gui’an  New district and can be viewed past the road to the district as well.

  1. China’s “Dead Sea”

China’s Dead Sea

The 500-million year old Yuncheng Salt Lake recently became a biological wonder, red-hued on one end and a clear other half. The miracle of different colors of algae filling a lake on each sides separated by a road makes for an awesome aerial sighting.

  1. Tea Drying in Dening, China

Tea Drying In Dening
Tea Drying In Dening

The vast yard of sun-drying tea at the Dening tea company impresses with the endlessness of the greens viewed from the air.

  1. Record-breaking Spa clinic – Shadong Province, China

World-Record Spa treatment
World-Record Spa treatment

This world record largest number of women getting a spa treatment at the same time can only happen in the colossal China. A mind-boggling 1,000 women received a 30-minute facial massage at the same time in Jinan region of Shadong Province.

  1. Coverlets clearance sale in Hangzhou

Coverlets’ Clearance Sale

This wide-reaching yard in Hangzhou, China holds several thousands of quilts drying in readiness for clearance sale. This before they are sold to the Employees of the Alibaba Company on Singles day in Zhejiang Province’s Hangzhou area.

  1. Weathering the Typhoon Chan-Hom by sea

Boats fleet
Boats fleet

Boat anchors at this large Pacific-side in Zhejiang Province’s Taizhou prepare their boats in readiness for the worst hitting cyclone in the East. The typhoon was so hard-hitting that the authorities in China had to suspend most services to ensure citizens’ safety.

  1. And what about this Car Park in Changchun

Fleet of Audis Outside Changchun
Fleet of Audis Outside Changchun

Watch as thousands of lavish Audis park in Changchun, Jilin Province. You won’t believe these tiny looking cars are actually some of the most luxurious rides in the world right now.

  1. Guangzhou Rebuilt

Celebrating the Rebuilt Guangzhou
Rebuilt Guangzhou

And these incredible snapshots of feasting villagers celebrating the reconstruction of Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province are intensely heart-warming. Down there features a showcase of the very best cuisines China can possibly offer.

  1. Tea-picking in Dongyang

Tea Plantation in Dongyang

The aerial views of workers lost in the wild of the tea-plantations picking off the tea leaves is pretty nice too. You can find plenty of these sights down at Dongyang in Zhejiang Province.

  1. Obsolescence much?

Obsolete Taxis of China
Scrapped Taxis

These multitudes of taxis seem to be faced out by the new generation electric taxis roaming the streets of Taiyuan.

  1. And this Scrapyard in Binzhou

Motorbike Scrapyard In Bizhou
Motorbike Scrapyard In Bizhou

Binzhou Scrapyard features thousands of obsolete motorbikes in their piles. The yard also features scraps of exhausted trucks and tractors.

  1. Care for a  nature walk in a harsh geological park?

Danxia National Geological Park
Danxia National Geological Park

Here’s a view of the colorful Danxia National Geological Park in Gansu Province. You could maybe head down for a hike or jog past the special and uniquely colored rocks. While at it you get a first-hand feel of the harsh landscapes of China’s wild.

  1. Picture-Perfect Flower-themed Yangzhou

Flower-themed Yangzhou - China
Flower-themed Yangzhou

That exquisite geometric flower view in the prefecture-style City of China is only but one of the key allures in Jiangsu Province. Among the key attractions are the Lotus Flower pagodas and the delightful snowball flowers.

  1. The Long ‘Carpet’ and Giant Panda of Chengdu

Colored Sweets Carpet in Chengdu
Colored Sweets Carpet in Chengdu

Witness the 605-foot long multicolored ‘carpet’ made out of confetti of sweets.  View also the Giant Panda sculpture in the town’s confines.

  1. Training Delivery men

Shanghai Deliverymen Training
Shanghai Deliverymen Training

No one even knows what these Shanghai deliverymen actually train for anyway. Nonetheless, it is our duty to enlighten you of all and whole, so there you go!

  1. Set boat sails from the Ports of Ningbo

Fishing in Ningbo - China
Set Sails in Ningbo

With the fishing ban in Zhejiang province officially over, you can now head down to casting those nets inside the expansive lakes.

  1. Chevys at GM lot in Shenyang

Lined Chevys at GM - China
Lined Chevys at GM

The fleet of classy Chevys parked in the General Motors lot in Shenyang also serves for an outstanding air-borne view.

  1. Electric-rod fishing at River Zao in Xi’an

Contaminated Yellow River
Electric Fishing at Zao River Junction

Due to the poor waste management, Rivers Zao and Wei take the largest bulk of the sewage from Shaanxi Province. As such the Rivers aren’t as safe as they appear. Fish however are sufficiently abundant in the river junctions.


Images via Business Insider

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