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21 Splendid Photos That Will Leave You Yearning to Visit Ireland

Ireland is not only the  producer of the best beers and whiskey around. It is also the home to some of the finest music and folk-dancing showcases.

Poetically referred to as “The Emerald Isle,” Ireland is furthermore famous worldwide because of its lush landscape. The vast verdant countryside sharply contrasting the modern city centers present to you the perfect all-in-one destination.

These, alongside its rich mythological tradition, make Ireland one of the most attractive destinations in Europe and the World over.

From viewing the Atlantic Ocean atop a cliff to striding through the picturesque streets enriched with medieval edifices, you’re most certainly bound to fall in love with this amazing country immediately.

These 21 spectacular photos will most certainly persuade you to vacation in Ireland.

Galway City – Connacht Province

Often referred to as the ‘most Irish’ town Ireland, Galway is home to some of the most fashionable handcrafted Irish artworks as well as medieval walls. Moreover, the town hosts a huge population of youths which means a thrilling city nightlife.

Connemara National Park

Located to the West of Ireland, Connemara National park welcomes you to breathtaking sights of nature. The unbeatable landscape comprises stunning mountains, moorlands, grasslands and intense marshlands in over 5,000 acre countryside.

Cliffs of Moher – County Clare

View the endless waters of the Atlantic Ocean atop the 700-foot high Cliffs of Moher. Furthermore, this is a must-see for all Harry Potter fans. It’s the site that hosted a searching-for-a-Horcrux scene in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”

Dingle Peninsula – County Kerry

Corca Dhuibhine – as it is most often termed – offers a whole range of interesting sights and activities for everyone. The peninsula is dominated by a vast range of mountains most notably Mount Brandon – Ireland’s second-highest peak. In addition, the sandy beaches at Dingle offer safe swimming and walking for people of all abilities.

Dingle Peninsula also gifts the visitors the key into Ireland’s rich traditions. From soothing traditional music to fine seafood, film festivals and craftsmen, you get to have it all at Dinge.

Picturesque Dublin – Capital City of Ireland

The Capital and largest cty in Ireland, Dublin hosts astute primeval architecture alongside art, books and clothes stores. You could tour the esteemed Trinity College, impressive and standing  since 1592. Shop along Grafton Street as you sightsee marvels like the St. Stephen’s Green.

Aran Islands – Galway

A short ferry-ride from Galway lands you in the quiet of Aran Islands with Irish traditions and history on showcase. People here still speak Gaelic and the roads are free of noisy cars. Amazing structures of historical significance like Celtic Churches offer refreshing attractions. Furthermore, you get to see  the World Heritage site Dun Aonghasa before you dine at welcoming restaurants.

Seisun in Doolin Village – County Clare

The small village on the west coast of Ireland is home to Irish traditional music – Seisun. Get into the mood of the very best of Irish culture by taking lessons in Seisun. The traditional music started by a guitar and shortly afterwards fiddles, tins, whistles and flutes follow and then the dance.

Carlingford & Cooley Peninsula – County Louth

The sun-patted hilly Peninsula of Cooley that opens to the medieval village of Carlingford offers you an unbeatable evergreen scenery. Enjoy noise-free views of the forested slopes and dark waters at the peninsula east of Ireland. Besides, the accommodation and dining at Carlingford is absolutely superb.

Powerscourt Estate – County Wicklow

A popular fantasy-movies location, Powerscourt offers an awe-inspiring sight of a centuries-old Castle in Ireland’s garden County. You get to tour the magnificent 68-room antiquity and live in your fantasies even if for just a night.

Slieve League – County Donegal

Located on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, Slieve League gifts you with breathtaking views of the Atlantic atop spectacular cliffs. Alternatively you can hike to the summit of the spectacle as you get taken away by the beauty of nature.

Dublin’s Authors Week

When you Visit Ireland in May, you will get to meet the world’s best authors during Dublin’s Writers week. Rated one of UNESCO’s Cities of Literature, Dublin annually hosts the best literature talents from the world over. You might consider checking it out as the world’s most creative brains showcase their genius if you visit in May.

Gleniff Horseshoe – Ballintrillick, Ireland

The 6-mile loop shaped like a horseshoe offers scenic views of mountainous landscapes alongside waterfalls and old stone houses. These sights will most definitely leave you wordless as you trek through the quiet roads.

Additionally, the loop is perfect for hiking or biking escapades.

Mullaghmore Beach – Mullaghmore

A recreation of a little Hawaii in Northern Europe, Mullaghmore Beach is a sight to behold. It offers golden sand beaches and high-wave waters perfect for your beachside exploits. You can enjoy surfing and kiting  at this secret seaside town.

A sip of the Famous Guinness Beer in Dublin

All you beer fans cannot leave Ireland’s capital without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse to take a sip of the legendary Guinness. What is Ireland without Guinness?

Skellig Island – West Kerry Coast

Shot to fame by the Star Wars Installments of 2014, the Rocky desolate Skellig Islands are home to special attractions of cultural significance in Ireland. The Monastery at Skellig Michael is for instance one of the wonders of ancient Christian Ireland. Birdwatchers will particularly find Skellig Islands an extremely attractive site.

Castle Hotels

Ireland is home to splendid castle hotels in which you must really consider spending a night or two. Get the royal feeling as you dine in imperial dining halls and sleep in large canopy beds. Also consider peeping into the hotel’s honeymoon suites – an absolute joy.

Traditional Foods

You all foodies may as well seriously consider trying Ireland’s soda bread and one-pot stew. The flour-based dough enriched with fruits, honey and oats is served with Irish stew made with mutton, potatoes and onion – simple and delightful.

Kylemore Abbey – Connemara

An ancient Benedictine monastery built on Kylemore Castle, the Kylemore Abbey is currently a romantic getaway on the backdrop of a colorful mountainous landscape. The historic Abbey also neighbors the charming Victorian walled garden.

Cork– Munster Province

Termed the ‘real capital of Ireland’ by some locals, Cork’s city center is an absolute picture-destination. Filled with colorful houses and bars in all streets, the city is music to the ears of the obsessed photographers.


If you have some extra room in your passport and want to cross into Northern Ireland, read on:

Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway offers unbelievable sights of an unearthly setting. It’s no coincidence that it was voted the best UK Heritage attraction in 2015. A result of a volcanic eruption over 60 million years ago, Giant Causeway has attracted visitors for centuries.

The Causeway is also suffused with myth and legend. The locals believe it was built by giants led by the mighty Finn McCool.

Belfast City – Capital of North Ireland

Belfast is home to must see attractions and activities. The city will capture your imagination with its historical layout.  Moreover, you get to find amazing ancient artifacts at the Ulster Museum.

Also take a sip of one of your favorites at the historic Crown Liquor Saloon.

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