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Europe’s Best Cities for Fall Travel

Traveling to Europe in the fall often means fewer crowds, shorter lines, idyllic weather and better deals – along with spectacular displays of autumn foliage. Many feel that it’s really the very best time of year to go. If you’re thinking about heading to Europe, these cities are some of the best to explore in autumn.

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Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire, Scotland (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Perthshire, often referred to as Big Trees Country, is one of the most glorious places in all of Europe for autumn colors in a country well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Here, lochs and rivers reflect the array of gold and copper of tree covered hillsides, making it ideal for exploring and impressive photo taking. You’ll find some of the most stunning spots near Loch Tummel, the Pass of Killiecrankie and Knock Hill. Take the steep but moderate walk to Knock Hill through mixed woodlands and scenic, heathery viewpoints, including jaw-dropping views from the summit of the Highlands to the north.

Cumbria, England (Hotel Prices & Photos)

England’s Lake District is filled with incredible scenic beauty, with the autumn light making it all the more spectacular. It’s also a fabulous region for an inspiring walk with lots of lakes surrounded by gold and ruby covered hills. Cumbria is an ideal place to visit for fall colors with its beautiful woodland areas like Grizedale Forest Park home to green pines and copper beech trees framing mountain views. You’ll also want to duck into one of its pubs like the Kirkstone Pass Inn for a glass of local ale or cider.

Bruges, Belgium (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The medieval city of Bruges becomes one of Europe’s most beautiful cities in the fall with crimson and golden vines covering historic buildings with rich autumn hues. The colors reflected in the canals create an especially romantic scene as well as picture-perfect photo ops. Be sure to experience some of the city’s open-air markets that are typically open through November. It’s also a perfect time to sip some of its famous chocolate in beverage form. Try a cup at De Proeverie, known for the best hot cocoa in all of Bruges.

Bruges, Belgium

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Bavaria, Germany (Hotel Prices & Photos)

In Southern Germany you’ll find more of Europe’s most spectacular scenery with endless Alpine forests popping with color against mountains dusted with snow. This is the season for plenty of wine festivals as well as Oktoberfest as well as outdoor activities like hiking in the Alps, taking a romantic ride on horse-drawn carriage and sampling the local wines at a Bavarian winery. There are also some 25 historic castles and palaces to discover here, including such greats as Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, Nuremberg Castle and the Burghausen Castle.

Bavaria, Germany

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia Credit:

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