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17 Astonishing Scenes in Dubai – ‘the Warm Manhattan’

Just under two decades ago, Dubai was merely a vast desert outpost known basically for pearling and sea trading. Now, thanks largely to the well laid plans in the late 1990s to cater to the tourism industry, Dubai is a major tourist destination characterized by everything extravagant and luxurious.

Boasting the tallest building in the world – the 2,716 foot tall Burj Khalifa – alongside over 150 other futuristic skyscrapers and several malls and hotels, Dubai has turned into one of the ultimate all-in-one destinations for the ultra-wealthy.

People even now refer to Dubai as the ‘Manhattan of the Middle East,’ only its warm climate all year long makes it all the more attractive.

Next are 17 of the most astonishing scenes of UAE’s biggest city that will leave you ultimately jaw-dropped.

  1.   Driverless Cars

Dubai’s rapid rise was and still is aided majorly by the willingness to embrace technology. The sight of autonomous cars in the streets of Marina is  a testimony to the same. Better still the city is on course to revolutionize transportation completely and is aiming for at least 25% of its cars to be driverless by 2030.

  1. Wind Towers and luxurious accommodation apartments in Marina

Dubai Marina, a canal district in the heart of New Dubai, stands out with stunning residential skyscrapers and picturesque villas. These offer luxurious accommodations with top pools and concierge services.

  1. Multiracial Dubai

According to the AP, foreigners far exceed the locals, making Dubai as much a cosmopolitan, multicultural city as any other (if not much more)

  1. 50-million-square-foot waterfront

The waterfront neighborhood with more than 150 high-rise buildings in Marina now serve as the playground for the stinking-rich ‘Manhattan-lifestyle’ individuals.

  1. Swimming pool always an exciting option

With temperatures always rising to up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, Dubai‘s high end villas are fitted with the most classy indoor and outdoor swimming pools with all the luxurious provisions for you to cool off the extreme temperatures.

  1. Jet skis and Motorboats

Enjoy a ride in the motorboats and fly in the jet skis while up at the opulent coasts of the City.

  1. Sunset cruise around Marina

Nothing beats a sunset cruise of the ritzy outline of the Marina District alongside your fellow tourists just before dinner. You could well enjoy the purple-themed romantic Dhow dinner cruise in the evening waters.

  1. Cabaret shows and Karaoke in popular restaurants

 All you fans of dinner & a show are covered as well. Most restaurants not only provide food and refreshments but also an array of dinner time entertainment passtimes including Cabaret shows and Karaoke.

  1. Early construction works by Indian migrant workers

Dubai was friendly to migrants in the early 1990s and this was part of the reasons for the rapid rise. Indians took part in constructing most of the now towering skylines from Jumeirah to the famous Marina.

  1. Award-winning restaurants

The world’s most luxurious restaurants and hotels exist in Dubai, including Burj Al Arab, Armani and Indego by Vineet. These immense romantic-themed restaurants have not gone without recognition as Dubai is now rumored to be the first city in the Middle East to receive the Michelin star, though we have to wait and see what restaurant will be the lucky one.

  1. Enormous one-stop shopping malls and luxury shopping arcades

The Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and the Mercato Mall, among several others, are exquisite places to run your all-in-one favorite shopping escapades. Dubai is the ultimate shopping city in the world and the state-of-the-art shopping malls are fully stocked with all the range of items you may need when you visit.

  1. Thriving nightlife and incredible range of delicacies

With an incredible range of nightlife options as well as appetizing delicacies from the wide cultural backgrounds of the metropolis, Dubai is set to attract their projected number of guests by 2020 and even exceed that.

  1. Dubai Aquarium and the trampoline Park

Dubai is kid-friendly too now, thanks to the 1,200 square-foot trampoline park in the Mall of Emirates and the Dubai Aquarium. You don’t need to be concerned about leaving your young ones behind while off for your holiday experience.

  1. Madinat Jumeirah- where old meets new

Madinat Jumeirah represents the contemporary lifestyle of the modern Arab village with palm-fringe waterways and desert-themed hotels.  Here, old- styled skyline towers are decorated with dhows — ornamented with older designs — sailing alongside the windows and that surround the complex from all sides. Also visit the luxurious 5 star Madinat Jumeirah Resort that spreads over 40 hectares of land – the largest in UAE.

  1. Palm Islands

The three artificial islands – Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali – offer a contrasting breezy feel to the Dubai climate. The island takes the shape of a palm tree with a crescent top. With a host of residential, leisure and entertainment centers, this thriving new artificial island is definitely worth your downtime.

  1. Dubai Creek

This is a saltwater creek extending to Ras Al Khor sanctuary and through to the Persian Gulf. Home to the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, the creek has hosted a variety of tournaments and events, most notably the Dubai Desert classic, twice. In the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club is the majestic clubhouse, designed replicating the traditional dhow sails.

  1. The record-breaking Burj Khalifa

A tour of Dubai is never complete without touring the world’s tallest skyscraper – the 160-story Burj Khalifa. Appreciate the futuristic engineering genius of the masterminds behind this post-modern sky-high edifice. The 828-metre tower with a viewing deck, restaurant, hotel and 11 hectare park is deservingly the last photo-stop in the UAE’s biggest city.


Image Source: Business Insider

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