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These 16 Rare European Destinations are Absolutely Amazing

If you are looking to avoid the ever-clogged European destinations, then there are still these other rare European places that are largely undiscovered and ready to explore. Recent research by Amazing Places revealed the little-known places in Europe that will save you from the scramble at commonly known places.

From the Faroe Islands in Denmark to the centuries-old monasteries in Armenia, these places will definitely stun you with their explicable quiet and natural beauty of the wild.

Here we will list 16 of the most serene but largely unknown places you’ve got to consider vacationing at.

Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Capital City of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is surrounded by the unbelievable Olympic Mountains and has an incredible wealth of history. The rare European destination was heavily influenced by the Ottoman Empire. It offers amazing sights of old mosques, cathedrals and historical museums.

Kungsleden – Sweden

The Swedish city is the perfect destination for hikers. The hiking trail of over 450-kilometer length traverses the towns of Abisko and Hemavan. Furthermore it passes through the largest remaining wilderness in Europe. Visit this rare European destination for an unbelievably thrilling adventure in the wild.

Bacharach – Germany

Woven through the Rhine River Valley, the small town of Bacharach in Germany is the perfect destination for impressive sights. From the stone streets to colorful homes and gorgeous castles and churches, Bacharach is the picture-perfect destination.

Svalbard – Norway

Rested in the Arctic Ocean in Norway, Svalbard offers the incredible views of snowy North Pole and the winter ice. Its rather vast, unbroken arctic nature is perfect for snowboarding. Svalbard also offers visitors the opportunity to view the Northern lights.

Berat – Albania

Once part of the Byzantine Empire, Berat  in Albania is home to a historic Byzantine fortress and church which date their history back to the 13th century. In addition, Berat has an old town called Mangalem District which is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Kizhi Island – Russia

Located on the Onega River in Russia, the Kizhi Island hosts a myriad of log buildings that are a joy to photograph. Most noteworthy is the glorious European historical church of the Transfiguration. The church is a wooden structure with over 30 domes. Also sightsee the historic Yamka Village.

La Roque-Gageac – France

Dubbed one of France’s most beautiful villages, La Roque-Gageac is home to some of the best riverside views and an outstanding natural conservatory. The village is built into the cliffs of River Dordogne and offers incredible views of the river’s turquoise waters. Its natural conservatory houses various exotic plants.

Mount Triglav – Slovenia

Part of the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav offers breathtaking scenery of incomparable fruits of nature. You also get to satisfy your need for hiking adventures. Better still, this highest peak in Slovenia is snowy at the top and presents to you aspects of nature that can be compared to Switzerland.

Cesky Krumlov – Czech Republic

Located in the banks of the River Vltava, Cesky Krumlov is home to some of Europe’s early architecture. These date from as early as the 13th century. Especially worth visiting is the town’s castle from which you can find an outstanding view of the town.

Azore Islands – Portugal

An archipelago of nine Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean off Portugal’s coasts, the Azores offers a bit of everything European. From volcanic mountains to turquoise waters, good wines and striking flowers, Azore Islands have it all. It is impossible to imagine how these unique volcanic islands have not made the list of the most popular destinations. Seems like you need to get out there and explore.

Kasmu – Estonia

Part of the Laheema National Park of the Coast of Estonia, Kasmu offers a vast range of outdoorsy activities. These activities thoroughly imitate a typical European lifestyle. The town that’s often referred to as ‘Captain’s Village’ offers such fun events as fishing, sailing, canoeing and horse-riding. Better still you get to wade through the exciting past at the extraordinary sea museum.

Bucovina – Romania & Ukraine

Slipped through deluxe rolling hills, Bucovina is a town widely known for picturesque monasteries and churches. The town is Llocated between the two countries of Romania and Ukraine. You get to witness the hallowed sights of these rich centuries-old paintings alongside the lush hilly outline.

Lampedusa – Italy

Located in the Mediterranean Sea off Italy’s coast and the largest of the Pelagie Islands, Lampedusa offers the charm of a customary Italian town with a North African touch. Experience the unique mix of interestingly hot climate of the North African desert sharply contrasting with the beach essence.

Cangas De Onis – Spain

Situated in the sides of Sella River in Northwestern Asturias, Cangas De Onis is home to one of the last standing bridges of the Roman Empire. The historic Puente Romano has stood here for well over a millennium. The bridge is connected to Alcazaba of Merida, a Moorish Fortification building that has similarly stood for ages. Furthermore you get to sightsee probably one of the most beautiful landscapes in Asturias – the Picos de Europa Mountain range.

Faroe Island – Denmark

The Faroe Islands offer visitors with breathtaking natural views of birds, waterfalls and blue and green waters of a European island. Presenting you with the opportunity to view nature in its purest form, the rather tiny islands are home to breathtaking cliffs and dangerously deep caverns. Besides, you get to view tiny beautiful homes along the turquoise lake.

Tatev – Armenia

Home to the Tatev Monastery, an Apostolic monastery that was most recognized in the ninth century, the Tatev village offers breathtaking views of an evergreen hilly terrain. The European village sits in the basalt plateau and has remained well-maintained over its long-spanning life.

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