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Breathtaking Sea-view of Vancouver
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16 Photos of the Most Captivating Places in Canada

Canada was recently dubbed the most attractive destination to visit in 2017 by The New York Times, mostly thanks to the government’s free-pass declaration to all the national parks and other top tourists sites in celebration of the country’s 150th anniversary.

From the baroque architecture to the evergreen mountainous countryside and lakes, Canada is home to some of the most scenic views. The North American country also offers a wide array of exhilarating cold weather sports scene and a diverse culture.

Whether for permanent residence or just a few vacationing weeks in the Great White North, here are the top panoramas you’ll not wish to miss out on.

Toronto City – Ontario

The largest City in Canada, Toronto is home to scenic views of a diverse nature ranging from soaring skyscrapers to historical museums, universities and world-class restaurants. Nourish your sight at the orderly and refreshing green lands of Queen’s Park and the High Park, enriched with sports facilities and a zoo.

You also get to dine at Chef Lorenzo Loseto’s George Restaurant with sumptuous delicacies like  ahi tuna and a Cornish Hen served with cheese and broccoli.

Whiskers Town – British Columbia Province

Located between the Pacific and the Rocky mountains in the westernmost province in Canada, Whiskers offers a range of exciting activities that must most definitely make your to-do list.

The city in Canada offers a variety of activities such as snowboarding, snowshoeing, tobogganing and ski jumping at the Olympic Park. Whiskers Town also hosts one of North America’s largest Ski resorts – Whistler Blackcomb. Enjoy the scenic views of the mountainous terrain of Blackcomb Mountains and the incomparable charm in chalet-style Whiskers Town.

Vancouver Island – Victoria City

British Columbia’s Capital, Victoria City,is home to baroque architecture highlighted by the Gothic Parliament Buildings. The city also hosts the magnificent Fairmont Empress Hotel and more inspiring views including hotels, bars and restaurants.

Just outside Victoria is the historical Hatley Castle, once home to Royal Roads Military College Cadets. Get into Canada’s administrative history with a carefully taken walking guide through the expansive estates.

Vancouver Island is most famous owing to its mild climate and astounding artistry. Its harbor is boat-lined and home to whale watching, seafaring and thrilling seaplanes. Join the over 3 million guests who visit Victoria each year.


Banff National Park

With an expansive mountainous terrain filled with numerous intense views of glaciers and ice-fields as well as coniferous forests, Banff National Park is an irresistible destination for vacationers wishing for dramatic lakeside scenery.

Jasper National Park

Another one of the Alberta Province’s impeccable sights and only a few miles north of Banff National Park is Jasper National Park. The park offers an extensive area of immaculate wilderness suitable for your camping, bird-watching and hiking adventures.

Edmonton – Alberta Province

The Capital of Alberta Province is home to the flawless West Edmonton Mall which hosts the second-largest indoor water park in North America. It also offers breathtaking landmarks, natural galleries and futuristic artistry – all living peacefully in the borders of the city.

Edmonton is the place of choice for multicultural cuisines with special focus on Ukrainian Culture. You can learn how to make mouthwatering Pierogis at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village as you go through the history of Ukrainian immigrants.

Quebec City – Capital of Quebec Province

Sitting on the Saint Lawrence River in the predominantly French-Speaking Quebec Province, Quebec City is home to Vieux-Quebec and Place Royale. The Canadian city is decorated with impressive archaic colonial buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. Quebec is a metropolis with most settlers boasting artistic backgrounds.It has a wide array of creative scenes and festivals in the summer that you really won’t want to miss in Canada.

Montreal City – Quebec Province 

Another French-Speaking City – and the Largest – in Quebec Province, Montreal has a European flavor to it. Tour the cobblestone streets, impressionistic boutiques and the world-class Canadian Museums.


St Viateur Bagel is home to bagels second only to ones in New York — if not better.

Prince Edward Island

The maritime province off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia at Saint Lawrence River is home to Anne of Green Gables. Lighthouses, fertile farmlands, picturesque towns and spectacular beaches are the highlights of a refreshing tour of the enchanting Island.

Niagara Falls – Ontario Province

The Niagara Falls in Canada is a collection of three waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls forming the southern end of the Niagara Gorge. Interestingly, it forms the border between Canada and the USA. The aerial view of the falls is breathtaking.

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