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13 Best Family Vacation Plans for Your Bucket List

Placing the needs of your whole family first in your vacation plans can be cumbersome. You have to cater for all the unique needs of theages involved. Even worse, your young loved ones’ preferences change really quickly as they grow up. You may still think your small boy at 10 still loves the things he loved when he was 7.

How about those adolescent girls and boys in your household? What do they like now? And could you really cater to them during your voyages?

We attempt to explore 13 of the very best places that will not only be well suited for your vulnerable toddlers but also fun for the adult family members.

Here are the 13 that make our list of the very best:

13. Disney World – Orlando, Florida

From the magical Cinderella Castle to the park experience, Walt Disney World is a thing of childhood fantasies. And even better, it has been fantasy-land since our toddler ages and we adults won’t find it  hard fitting in – I mean who didn’t passionately follow the dreamland Cinderella stories!?

Take your toddlers to the legendary home to Cinderella and they will forever appreciate it. Furthermore the park has welcoming resorts that are ideal for the adult family members as well.

12. Niagara Falls – New York and Ontario

View the heart pounding waterfalls and sail into the mist with those school-going family members and you’ll feel the magic of the waterfall that unites Canada and America. Don’t forget your tickets as you can view the falls from either sides of the border.

Later you get to put on some ponchos at Niagara Falls State Park.

11. Washington D.C.

Ideal for grade-schoolers and teens, Washington is as educational as it is fun. You get guided tours to some of the best museums around where you learn incredible American history. Also visit the interesting US National Arboretum amidst the several other astonishing parks and Gardens.

And a further family trip to the Smithsonian as a complement won’t be bad either. The sights – and Tour – of Capitol Hill, Library of Congress, the Holocaust Memorial or the Washington Monument are interesting options.

Wind up your family tour of the Capitol with a bite to eat at the Washington Family Restaurant.

10. A Family Voyage to Africa

No place offers wildebeest sights quite like Africa. You could get in the center of the 8th wonder of the world, the magical sight of – wait for it – 1.7 million wildebeests migrating from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Tour with your kids and watch amazed from a guided open-top tour van as “The World Cup of Wildlife” indefinably stroll past the Mara River.

Alternatively, you may head south to South Africa and check out the cultural hub of Cape Town. See its history alongside your loved ones.

Ideal trips for school-going teens.

9. The Grand Canyon – Arizona

From rock climbing to kayaking for the older family members to bridges and glass bottom floors for kids, the Grand Canyon offers excitement for all. The Skywalk is the perfect location for the photo-crazed Instagram obsessed teens. You also get to hike all over the Grand Canyon Park where you can have a refreshing family retreat.

8. Hawaii

Another fun destination for family members of all ages. Whereas the adults let loose at the beaches, the kids are free to take exciting surf classes alongside committed trainers. The kids and adults can all together learn the art of the Polynesian hula that’s characteristic of the Hawaiian Islands.

Moreover, your kids can be accommodated in the day camps as the grown-ups have their alone time.

7. Paris – France

The City of Lights has on offer all the delicious kid-friendly cuisines around. You enjoy amazing puddings and pastries as you relish the fun times together as a  big happy family.

You could also go atop the 324m-high Eifel Tower and show your children the breathtaking skyline of Paris . Additionally, show them the home of the fictional Hunchback of Notre Dame. The best of it all is a chance to see the majestic Mona Lisa.

Other notable highlights for the entire family in Paris include landmark museums, art shows and Gothic churches and monuments.

6. London – England

A tour of England’s buzzing capital gives you a snippet of the beauty of the British Culture.

Visit the Buckingham Palace in Westminister to witness pomp and color of the Changing of the Guard. The kids will be thrilled by the silly hats of the Palace guards. Adults also get their own share of thrills as they witness the astonishing medieval architecture that is the headquarters of Britain’s monarch.

London is also home to some of the world’s most respected castles and historical museums. Let the toddlers live their fantasies in lovely castles as the teens get their learning on.

5. Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai is most famed for the skyrocketing towers and exquisite postmodern architecture. Visit the luxurious all-inclusive beaches, theme parks and indoor pools as well as giant and elegant shopping malls.

Other kids’-choice scenes in Dubai are the underwater zoos and wild waterparks. Or even sight-see the Aquariums at Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Creek and the Dubai crescent Moon.

4. Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a Caribbean Beach town on the coast of Costa Rica. As such it is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Costa Rica.

Hike, surf, bike and snorkel as a family at the appealing city as you observe the outstanding unique scenery. The surrounding towns are moreover calm and welcoming, well suited for your whole household.

3. New York City

Your teenagers definitely crave an ice-skating experience, better still if it is at the famous Central Park in New York. This as you take the younger ones to Central Park Zoo, Times Square and the Rockefeller Center. The scholars are led into historical museums, the library and the Statue of Liberty.

Most ideal location for late grade students and teens.

2. Rome – Italy

Perfect destination for the teen and above family members expediting to learn rich histories of world-renowned places. See the permanent home to the Pope – the Vatican — as well as the antique Colosseum.

Also try the Italian cuisine  with a taste of sumptuous pizza, pasta and gelato when you can.

When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do!

1. Mediterranean and Alaskan Cruises

How about a comfy cruise around the Caribbean or Mediterranean or to the Bahamas? This sounds like the ultimate in-sea treat for your whole family. The family suites aboard the cruise liners are exquisite.  Other excurisons include helicopter rides to the interiors of the port towns as well as docks at some of the finest beaches in Europe and the Americas where the family fun never stops. Dance, sing and sine as you and your family are treated like the royalty you are.

Aboard the Mediterranean Cruises, you get to family-camp at the most accommodating seaside resorts available around the European seashores.



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