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12 Undiscovered Places in Asia You Must Visit

If you are a venturesome sightseer eager to discover new destinations others haven’t been to, then Asia has quite a number of interesting options that surely will capture your attention.

From the ancient tropical rainforest in Malaysia to the primeval city in South Korea, Asia has a variety of concealed gems that haven’t as yet gotten the type of deserved attention from travelers that other tourist sites have.

We look at 12 of the unseen wonders that Asia has for you:

12. Raja Ampat Islands – Sorong, Indonesia

Jungle-covered Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia tempt adventurous individuals with a range of high-risk high-reward escapades in Asia. You could enjoy a swim with whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay Marine Park or explore the archaic rock paintings and caves in Misool Island.

Further ahead at Waigeo Island is a birds’ paradise where you will engage in endless bird-watching. Home to several amazing manta rays, Raja Ampat is also the best diving site in Asia.

11. Gyeongju (Kyongju) – South Korea

Standing since the prehistorical time, Gyeongju was the capital of the Asian Shilla dynasty for 1000 years. They erected historic structures from temples to palaces and fortresses, some of which are standing today and are immensely alluring.

The beautiful Bulhuksa temple of the 8th century is one example of such timeless antiquated structures you won’t miss to visit. The city has even received the UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

10. Yala – Sri Lanka

Encounter a range of wildlife at the second largest park in Sri Lanka, also the second-most visited. It is termed the ‘Leopard Park’ as it has the largest population of leopards in Asia and the whole world. Peacocks, elephants, crocodiles, deers and sloth bears constitute the wildlife population in this expansively diverse scenery.

Historians will not be left in the cold as Yala is also home to the over-2000-years old  Buddhist temple at Sithulpawwa, once the home to Sri Lankan kings.

9. Ladakh – India

Observe Tibetan Buddhist monasteries at Ladakh, built straight into the Indian Himalayas. The locals at Ladakh are friendly enough to keep you from boredom your whole stay as they showcase Indian traditions and dress code. If lucky enough to visit between October and March, you may run into a splendid snow leopard.

8. Kamchatka – Russia

Kamchatka is the undisputed home for geysers, boasting an incredible 20 geysers on its own. The Valley of Geysers is even part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This 1250-mile peninsula to the Far East of Russia also offers guests with a view of exciting hot springs and volcanoes. The region also has the highest density of brown bears in the whole world.

7. Taipei – Taiwan

Exciting and breathtaking as it is, Taipei sadly still stands in the shadows of the bigger Asian cities like Beijing and Tokyo. Its bursting nightlife and delicious treats makes Taipei an up-and-coming destination in Asia. Visit the city of Jiufen, a former mining village intertwined in mountains.

Also tour the country’s cultural records at the National Palace Museum or the National Revolutionary Martyr’s Shrine. Finally, revere the enthralling Yangmingshan National Park and the Beitou Hot Spring.

6. Danum Valley – Malaysia

Spiraling  though the Malaysian Borneoi, the Danum Valley is a stone-age rainforest with very strict conservation rules today. Very few people manage to visit here as a result.

Watch rare wild animals like the orangutans, clouded leopards and Asian elephants if you manage to visit this rare valley.

5. Matsuyama – Japan

Home to the oldest hot spring in Japan and a favorite among the locals, Matsuyama owns a bathhouse – Dogo Onsen Honkan – which dates back to the 19th century. This alongside the Castle of Matsuyama-jo on top of Mount Katsuyama are awe-inspiring views and viewpoints of the City.

4. Tajikistan – Asia

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this landlocked republic in Central Asia. Home to a metropolitan city – Dushanbe – as well as an extensive and mountainous countryside, Tajikistan offers contrasting environments that will suit all your preferences. You may head over to Pamir Mountains and look over the world or maybe just stop at Iskanderkul to enjoy the thrilling view of the reflective crystal clear waters.

3. Mrauk U – Myanmar

Waking up in Mrauk U, you get to watch the fog burn off revealing the Primordial Pagodas adjoining green hills. The pagodas are just as original and unrestored as you want them, intriguing at the very best.

2. Macau – China

Originally a Portuguese colony and dating back to the 1500s, this lively city is now living up to the nickname ‘Vegas of China’. Still home to gothic buildings including temples and the Church Of St. Paul, Macau is bursting with life and with imaginative art works. You can view the extraordinary City aerially from the classic Macau Tower.

1. Salalah – Oman

From beach-trotting camels to  deserts and even palm trees, the Salalah has it all. Be part of the Khareef festival in August and witness the Indian Monsoon celebration, believed to turn the otherwise dry land into green pasture paradise.

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