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11 Cities with the Best Street Food

Street food is always a good choice to fulfill your stomach, especially when you are in a hurry. Affordable prices and tasty food are the main reasons why people love to eat street foods.  Moreover, it could be the best way to complete your traveling. Every country and city has their own kind of street food which offers the local taste. So if you want to eat like a local, make sure to try the street food in every city you’ll visit. Here’s an overview of 11 cities with best street food and what to eat.


1. Istanbul

It’s easy to find vendors selling the  best street food in Istanbul. You will find them on almost every block in Istanbul or around the Spice Bazaar. From Simit to Lahmacun, they sell everything. Seems like most people in Istanbul eat Simit to start the mornings. It’s a delicious bagel that perfect for your breakfast. So, try the local food while sightseeing around the city is a must!

What to Eat: Simitİçli KöfteBalık Ekmek (fish sandwich), Roasted Chestnuts, Midye Dolması (stuffed mussels), KokoreçLahmacun (Turkish pizza), MısırBörek


2. Singapore

Singapore is known as one of the safest street food cities in the world. It has some centralized hawker areas that make it easier for  local people or tourists to find delicious foods. Maxwell Food Center, Amoy Street Food Centre, Hong Lim Food Centre, and Lagon Food Village are the popular hawker areas.  All of the hawker stalls are required to display cleanliness grades, from “A” to “D”. It will make it easier for you to choose the best one.

What to Eat: Hainanese chicken rice, Frog Porridge, Curry Laksa, Durian, Bah Kut Teh, Sambal Stingray, Mud Crab, Bone Marrow Sup (sup tulang), Pork Noodles (bak chor mee), Peanut Pancake (min chiang kueh)


3. Marrakesh

Tourist or visitors can try the local taste by eating the street foods in Marrakesh. This city offers many kinds of street food and is  famous for its oranges. That’s why you can easily find some best orange juice on the street. The spices, colors, and textures make the food interesting. The best place to enjoy the street food is at the Jemaa el-Fna. It’s a Marrakesh’s iconic central square where you can find all the street food vendors.

What to Eat: Snail Soup (ghoulal), Orange Juice, B’stilla (Morrocan pigeon pie), Harira, Sheep heads, Ma’qooda (deep-fried potato balls), Chebakia (sesame cookies)


4. Mumbai

If you are curious about the taste of Indian food, you must try the street foods in Mumbai. A lot of hawkers can be found on the streets. Unfortunately, only  around 17,000 of the 250,000 hawkers are legally licensed hawkers. So, be careful on choosing street food! Those foods can be found on every street corner, but if you want to find the best Vada Pav, you can visit Shivaji on Rajwadkar Street, Colaba. It makes Vada Pav fresh daily.

What to Eat: Vada PavPav BhajiPani Puri (a crisp pastry puff filled with chutney, vegetables, and spices), FrankieBhel PuriKebab, Sandwiches, Kheema PavDosaFalooda, Sugar Cane Juices


5. Bangkok

Thai street foods are scattered in Bangkok. You’ll find them while you are walking to the BTS Skytrain, shopping in Chatuchak weekend market, or around the tourism destinations. Because of there are so many vendors in Bangkok and not of all are licensed, it is best to choose stalls that display a sticker of a smiling plate. It is a stamp of approval from health officials. You can find the stalls area in Yaowarat (Bangkok’s Chinatown), Sukhumvit Road, and Khao San Road.

What to Eat: Mango Sticky Rice, Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodle), Thai tea, Tom yam (hot and sour Thai soup), Fried Insects (scorpions, silk larvae, ant queens, bamboo worms, etc.), Som tum gai yang (green papaya salad with chicken), moo ping (grilled pork skewers served with sticky rice), boat noodles, moo dad diew (deep-fried pork jerky)


6. Sydney

Street foods in Sydney are quite different from Singapore because they are constantly moving and scattered all across the city. Yes, they’re food trucks! There is an app called Sydney Food Trucks which tells you which trucks are where and what their menus are. So, go download the app and find your favorite food truck. For those Asian food lovers, you better to go to Cabramatta or Marrickvile, Sydney’s Western suburbs. You’ll find Vietnamese banh mi and others kind of Asian food here.

What to Eat: Zucchini and chickpea burger at Veggie Patch Van, Fatboy burger and truffle fries at Mister Gee Burger Truck, Gnocchi with lamb at Urban Pasta Food Truck, Banh Mi at Marrickville Pork Roll


7. Cartagena

Enjoying Cartagena, the capital of the Bolivar region of Colombia, wouldn’t be complete without trying the local street food. It can be found during day or night at every corner of the park and plaza. One of the plazas is Plaza de La Trinidad which offers many street food vendors that are good choices.

What to Eat: Arepas, Patacones, Mazorca desgranada (a corn, meat, and cheese medley topped with crunchy potatoes), Bocadillo con queso (guava and cheese-filled pastry), Bollos (boiled yucca buns), Ceviche, Empanadas, Bollos


8. Rio de Janeiro

From sweet to salty snacks, Rio de Janeiro has it all. For those who want to eat like a Cariocans (Rio de Janeiro natives), you can start the mornings with an acai bowl, eat an esfiha for lunch, and enjoy your dinner by eating food truck burger or acarajé. For the authentic Bahian acarajé, head to the Boho, a historic neighborhood of Santa Teresa. But for tapioca crepes and burgers, you’ll find them in Ipanema and Copacabana.

What to Eat: Acai bowl, Esfihas,  Acarajé,  Tapioca crepes filled with Nutella and bananas,  Pão de queijo (cheese puffs), Pastéis (pastries stuffed with vegetables, shrimp or beef), Feijoada


9. Mexico City

In Mexico City, you’ll find street food with fresh local ingredients and prepared well by local people. There are food safety regulations, but they are rarely enforced, so you’d better choose the stalls with long lines. For the best tortas, you can find it at Tortas Been at República Del Salvador, and for pozole, head to Calle San Ildefonso. In addition, another place is the Centro Histórico’s Zócalo, where you can find many choices of street food.

What to Eat: Tortas de pierna (roast pork leg sandwich), Pozole, Rajas (charred poblano peppers and onions), Tacos al pastor (small corn tortillas filled with spit-roasted pork)


10. Palermo

Palermo is a city located in the Southern Italy. We know that pasta and pizza are the popular food from Italy, but they aren’t the only ones. You need to know that there are another foods worth trying, even made and served curbside. You can find a lot of stalls all over the city. For a classic Pane cà meusa (spleen sandwich), try to visit Porta Carbone on Via Cala. But if you prefer to eat fish than a spleen sandwich, then go to Borgo Vecchio, they’ll serve you the best fish — caught fresh daily and grilled in front of you.

What to Eat: Arancini (stuffed rice balls), Pane con panelle (chickpea fritter sandwich), Pane cà meusa (spleen sandwich),


11. New York

As a big city, New York has a bustling atmosphere and a lot of people walking every day across the city. Most of them are busy, so they don’t have much time for eating at a restaurant or cooking their meal at home. Buying some food from food trucks along their way to the office is the best choice. One of the best places to fill your stomach in summer is  Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg festival. You’ll find around 100 vendors sell their best foods there. Another place where you can find food trucks is Prince Street in Soho. The enforcement by the Health Department is strict, so no need to worry buying those street foods.

What to Eat: Chicken & Rice from the Halal Guys, Grilled cheese sandwich from Milk Truck, Lamb shawarma from King of Falafel, Chipotle pork burrito from Calexico, Dirty water dog



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