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10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

10. See the Orda Cave at Ural Mountains, Russia

Diving in Orda Cave

The Orda Cave is a system of crystal gypsum caves stretching under the Ural Mountains in Russia. It is one of the longest series of caves on earth. The water surrounding the caves offers crystal clear clarity because of the mineral surroundings. As you enter the cave, the first thing you notice are the walls which are unique in terms of their shape. A very interesting thing about these walls is that they tend to change their shape over time. Gypsum is prone to change because of erosion from air and water. Because of this it can be said that the Orda Cave looks very different now than it did even 10 years ago.


9. Discover incredible marine life at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

McMurdo Sound

The McMurdo Sound is an ice shelf in Antarctica. An important venue for scientific research, the entirety of McMurdo Sound is hidden from the sight of all humans. It is a place of amazing stunning underwater beauty and of amazing icy formations. In addition, the McMurdo is also home to marine animals like seals, Adelie penguins, emperor penguins and orcas. The water is clogged with ice and the weather is always at an extreme. This is why McMurdo is a place only for the physically fit. A limited amount of marine life is found beneath the thickest of ice. There are some places where ice forms only during winter. These seasonal formations see a greater percentage of life.


8. Visit the Yongala Shipwreck at Queensland, Australia

Yongala Shipwreck

Thousands of ships have been lost to the oceans of the world. Yongala is one of them. Located off the Queensland coast, the Yongala shipwreck can be described as an incredible diving site. The Yongala reportedly drowned in the sea in 1911, after it was hit by a cyclone. The ship was carrying people along with animals like bulls and racehorses. The wrecks weren’t discovered till the year 1958. A dive to the shipwreck also means getting to see plenty of turtles, octopuses and tiger sharks.


  1. Be amazed at the Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico
Cancun Underwater Museum

Have you ever had a diving experience with beautifully sculpted statues around you? Statues which look so lifelike that you feel like you are surrounded by real people? The Cancun Underwater Museum offers exactly that. It was created by sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor. Located underwater, these beautiful statues were created for supplementing the reef which is fast eroding. Located at Isla de Mujeres, the site attracts numerous divers and tourists. The statues in the museum are part of an eco project known as ‘MUSA’. The project started in 2009 and almost 450 statues were sculpted. The idea behind the project was to create a man-made reef consisting of sculptures. Marine concrete was used for making these statues.


6. Experience the Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Stunning Illusion the Underwater Waterfall

Waterfalls are a common sight on the ground. However, have you heard of underwater waterfalls? Mauritius is home to one such waterfall. A very popular tourist destination, it is located 2000 kilometers away from Africa. Now here comes the tricky part. The underwater waterfalls aren’t actually a waterfall. It is an optical illusion and perhaps the best in the world. Located on the south-western coast of Mauritius, it is often used for drawing tourists to the island. Visit the underwater waterfalls to experience just how strong an optical illusion can be. Of course, there are also the sandy beaches and the wonderful weather. In addition, there are rugged mountains, warm ocean water, and colorful coral reefs.


5. See the Great Blue Hole at Belize

Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole can be easily described as a striking wonder of nature. More precisely described as a ‘sinkhole’, it is located next to the ‘Lighthouse Reef’ in Belize. Unlike the underwater waterfalls, the Great Blue Hole is an actual hole and is not an illusion. It is over 124 meters deep and 300 meters wide. The hole was created during the Ice Age, at a time when the sea was at a much lower level than it is now. When the sea rose to its present level, water rushed in inside the hole (a limestone cave at that time), thus creating one of the most fascinating natural wonders of the world. As the sea rose further and further, the roof of the cave gave away completely.


4. Sleepover at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California, USA

Monterey Bay Museum

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was opened in the year 1984. Ever since it’s opening, it has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in California. Located on the Pacific shoreline, it draws almost 2 million visitors every year. The aquarium gets its water directly from the ocean. It is home to more than 600 marine species. Popular activities at the museum include feeding the fish and diving. You can even choose to spend a night at the aquarium if you wish to. Imagine waking up the next morning being surrounded by marine creatures all around you.


4. Dine out at the Ithaa Restaurant at Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives

Ithaa Restaurant

All your ideas about restaurants, hotels and the like are bound to disappear when you visit this unique restaurant. The Ithaa Restaurant is located 16 feet below sea level! A 14-seater restaurant, the Ithaa is definitely one of the most exciting restaurants in the world. Getting inside the restaurant is even more exciting. A spiral staircase takes you inside the Ithaa. As you enter it, you are struck instantly by the surroundings. As you sit on one of the chairs, you are able to get an unparalleled panoramic view of the ocean. The restaurant is part of the ‘Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort’ and provides 180 degree views of numerous species of fish and beautiful reefs.


2. See Cleopatra’s ancient city at Heracleion, Egypt


There are many legends about Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The drowned city of Heracleion is one of them. The city sank deep inside the sea almost 1500 years ago. The remains of this city were first discovered only in the year 2000. Before that, the city was thought to be lost forever. The remains were discovered by Dr Franck Goddio, a French archeologist. After he discovered the area, plenty of divers dived in to find more statues, sphinxes, temples and columns. They also found foundations of the palace Cleopatra may have lived in herself. Also found were many coins and items which were used on a daily basis. Some shipwrecks around that area were also discovered.


1. Dive into the ancient city of Shi Cheng, Zhejiang, China

Submerged city of Shi Cheng

The Shi Cheng was an ancient city which was populated almost 1300 years ago. Now it lies about 40 meters under water. How did this happen? The city was drowned deliberately in the year 1959. This was done for creating a power station and for creating a man-made lake! The ruins of Shi Cheng are absolute paradise for divers because of the way they have been naturally preserved. The city hasn’t decayed much at all. As a diver, you can see the wooden walls and the buildings. The man-made lake which was the reason behind this unique diving site is known as the Qiandao Lake. The lake, along with Shi Cheng, are both tourist attractions now.

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