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These 10 Splendid Cultural Tours Will Make You Feel Like a Native

Vacationers often restrict themselves to only the well-sanitized tourist draws in the realms they find themselves in.

They group alongside fellow rather foreign voyagers and visit (and take photos of) the recognized tourists traps. As such, they miss out on maybe the most important part of your expedition: cultural experience.

Everyone craves a chance to learn about a unique culture. As such, when planning a trip into a different land, the prospect of learning something new and fun will always be a key drive.

Some quiet, friendly tribes are embedded against astonishing mountainous outlines. Elsewhere, cheaper and more original wines are hand-made straight from the village farms. Imagine yourself in the midst of all this ecstasy!

Ranging from the mouthwatering cuisines in South America to the bartering and trading in the Middle East, we explore some of the most engaging cultural experiences. You get to learn firsthand about  the cultures of the countries as you interact with the locals directly.

So let’s get to it — here are 10 of the very best.

Cultural Tour of Marrakech – Morocco

On a rather conventional sightseer trip, you are treated to ancient red walls and thrilling Souks in Marrakech. These are already richly cultural by themselves.

But what if you are wishing to get really messily local? You could then consider soiling your hands and outfit in a Moroccan kitchen with a native chef.  A six-hour-a-day cooking lesson of making spicy tagines in traditional cooking pots sounds like an offer you wouldn’t resist. The cultural culinary tour is almost complete now, but not without a little of the traditional Moroccan wine.

Cultural Side of the Sporty Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Thronged with thousands of sports fanatics over the past few years, Rio de Janeiro offers guests a range contrasting adventures. The World Cup and Olympics host city is always bursting with life, allowing you a thrilling city-life and refreshing beach experience.

However, it would be a shame to go to Rio all distracted by  the sirens of sports and extravaganzas and forget to explore the cultural side of Brazil.

The Samba comes to mind almost immediately you hear a mention of Brazil. Well, how about a chance to take a Samba class from the masters and not do it as horribly next time?

Lisbon – Portugal 

Lisbon is home to the well-known yellow trams, moving you joyfully along cobbled streets in Alfama. Beside this, merrymakers loosen up at the famous joints with tasty mojitos and melancholic rhythm of Fado.

In addition, you get to soak up the sunset with friendly locals who get you through well-guided tours of the beautiful City. Finally, you make merry with the locals at the taverns before proceeding to a comfortable home-stay with them.

Bordeaux – Cultural Home to the Best Wines

When visiting France, you must be considering some cultural wines. How about a glass or much more of locally produced originals at the home of the world’s best wineries.

A tour of Bordeaux is always highlighted by the historical Medoc Wine region. You can not only taste the flavors on offer at the Chateaus but also get involved in the craft itself. Learn about the process of wine-making in the  company of charming local guides.

Furthermore, you get to learn the history of the world-famous wine village and where they get their unbelievable craft.

Old Delhi – India

By far the easiest place to begin you excursion of the Vast Indian Land. Not only do you get to follow a  pilgrimage at the ancient temples but also relax at the prestigious Goa Beaches.

Visit the last standing and immaculate private Mansions in Delhi (the havelis). From their top, view the largest mosque in India – Jama Masjid.

Or maybe you could just leave all these aside and try your  hand at the favorite pastime for Old Delhi Children – kite flying. Build rapport with the kids and they’ll take you through heartwarming tours of the corridors of Old Delhi.

The Cultural Side of the Lively Budapest

The Hungarian City of Budapest is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. From imposing castles to refreshing spas, Budapest has it all.

And talking about spas, that’s exactly where Budapest’s rich cultural heritage commences. Way back in the 1st Century, the Romans colonized Budapest in order to seize control of the warm spas. End result? Some of the most ancient buildings of Roman times. All these waiting to be explored. Grab a local friend to move you through the culture-rich city and witness breathtaking scenery including Medieval Churches and boulevards.

Moreover, you get to enjoy a relaxed 12-hour spa experience at the Art-Nouveau Gellert Spa while overlooking the famous Danube River.

Trani – Italy

Aside from the flashy Roman architecture, impressionistic backdrops and good wine, Italy has another (rather peaceful) side to display.

Hitting the waters coast-ward gets you into Italy’s naval cultural dimension. Go on a  fishing excursion with the Apulian fishermen in their traditional fishing boat. Better still you get to bathe in the warm Mediterranean waters while in the midst of the cultural tour.

Wine enthusiasts, on the other hand, may find a trip to the vineyards of Tuscany more satisfying.

Hanoi – Vietnam

From the warm and thoroughly welcoming population to the unspoiled natural beauty, Hanoi is a place of uplifting getaway. You could either go hiking on Sa Pa Mountains or sand-surf at resorts in Mui Ne.

Down beyond the mountains, there exists tiny cultural houses of the two major tribes – the White Thai and The Black Thai. Home-stay with the locals here and you will be introduced to breathtaking cultural adventures. Some include cycling and rice harvesting. You could further be introduced into the cultural dance performances of the White Thai.

Santiago – Chile

The Capital of Chile and a swarming modern metropolis, Santiago can easily dupe you with the neoclassic frontage.

Digging really deeper into Santiago and you find a rich cultural City with traditional picadas and tango still so alive. Dine and drink with the locals as you listen to the classic tunes of bolero and tango. Traditional Chilean cuisines are additionally worth the trip.

Shanghai – China

Home to 23-million plus, Shanghai is China’s biggest City and as such offers an immense variety of sceneries and activities.

You could either focus on the city’s key attractions (well-kept and all) or maybe go cultural and make a few friends. That would mean wading through Shanghainese culture from Shanghainese perspective.

Alongside a translator, go play with children at kindergartens in Putuo district. Also engage in barter trading at local markets and  feel the thrill of the auction process.

Finally, attempt to understand locals on cultural dimensions as you chat with them about their daily lives.

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